Although almost 20 years have passed since his first appearance on television in 2005, Toopy has remained the same. On the big screen, the character straight out of the children’s books created by Dominique Jolin is still as candid, creative and… goofy. So much the better !

You don’t change a winning formula, they say. Fortunately, co-writers and co-directors Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun followed the saying. It’s a real pleasure to dive back into the crazy world of Toopy and his best friend Binou. And, by the same token, to hear again the playful voice full of wonder that Marc Labrèche lends to the mouse.

From the first scene, we reconnect with the overflowing imagination of the two inseparable friends, as they set off in pursuit of their toothbrushes in a world where giant candies float. With them, even brushing your teeth takes on a surprising side.

It was after this oral hygiene session that the duo met Dorothée (Anne Dorval), a genius from a magic bottle, of course. Due to a misunderstanding, Toopy and the newcomer make Mr. Mou, Binoo’s favorite dog, disappear. There is only one way to find him: go to the world of lost objects. How ? Thanks to the GPS on Dorothée’s phone.

In the roller coaster car to take them to their destination, they will meet a beautiful princess (Geneviève Schmidt) as well as very unlike identical twins (Xavier Dolan and Stéphane Rousseau). These new characters with very different characters will have to team up to find what they have lost.

“You don’t have a little cognitive impairment?” “, she will slip in particular to Toupie. Because yes, the whimsical side and the need for recognition of the verbomotor rodent can irritate the other characters, but also the spectators. If you had trouble listening to an episode of the series, don’t watch the movie.

“Stop with your phone,” the princess will also say, this time addressing Dorothy. A recrimination that we ourselves formulated a few times during the viewing, because the cell phone of the genius occupies a lot of space in the scenario.

Note that Benoit Brière, André Ducharme, Sonia Vachon, Ludivine Reding, Michèle Deslauriers, Marc Hervieux and Fayolle Jean Jr. are also part of the excellent and impressive cast. You can even hear Guy A. Lepage, provided you stay until the end of the credits.

Funny and surprising, the feature film that invites wonderment will certainly appeal to preschoolers. We bet, however, that young people who grew up listening to the friendly duo, whose episodes have been rebroadcast for many years, will be happy to reconnect with their former heroes for the time of a film.