a depression in the far North and the development of stranded hydrocarbons dictates the demand for rugged, yet pliable, resistant to low temperatures and chemicals pipe. These figures are given not only to the brand of steel, but also by heat treatment and alloying and microalloying of nanostructured alloys.

One of the joint project of RUSNANO and Pipe metallurgical company (TMK) is implemented in the city of Polevsky Seversky tube works (STZ). The complex heat treatment opened in the early 2020. Its capacity – up to 300 thousand tons per year. The line can process tubes with diameter from 168 to 370 mm with wall thickness from 6.4 to 40 mm.

a New high-tech equipment to monitor all processes in automatic mode, but due to the multi-stage heat treatment, the metal structure becomes more homogeneous, the properties are evenly distributed as in the cross section and length of the product. In addition, the increased resistance to corrosion. That’s what today interested customers, including Surgutneftegas, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Rosneft and other major players in the market of hydrocarbons.

– Innovative products can be operated in particularly difficult climatic and geological conditions, in horizontal and deep drilling, – said Vice-President of TMK Alexander Shiryaev.

Joint investment with RUSNANO in this area amounted to 5.5 billion rubles, and in General, TMK has invested in a comprehensive modernization $ 1.1 billion. Seversky tube works, who has reached the age of 280 years, has become one of the most advanced and digitalized industry. Thanks to the new equipment the company is ready to ship up to 450 thousand tons of commercial products with heat treatment, especially of high-margin premium. To bring to market new products and solutions, the company at the end of 2019 has opened a research center worth five billion rubles, including two billion of purchased research equipment. Today is the only Russian complex stands for full-scale physical testing of pipes, joints and complex structures, which completely removes the dependence on foreign centers. Develop new materials for metallurgy using digital doubles and physical modeling.

in Total, in 2019, the “big three” the pipe companies (TMK, OMK and CHTPZ Group) invested in the development of about 45 billion rubles. The main efforts were aimed at increasing the share of high-tech products.