Lucas Cordalis entered the jungle camp as a favorite. In the meantime, the son of ex-jungle king Costa Cordalis is not only with many viewers, but also with his fellow campers. What is Lucas doing wrong in the jungle? FOCUS online author Melanie Althoff is looking for the answers.

Arguably no one in this year’s season of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” – maybe even in the entire history of the show – had as much time to prepare for the jungle camp as Lucas Cordalis. After all, his participation in the disgusting format only worked on the third attempt. So you’d think that time in the Australian bush would be child’s play for the singer. Lucas himself certainly believed that. He described himself as the “jungle prince” even before moving in, wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, Costa Cordalis, who won the show in 2004. Confident of victory, he declared that he would bring the jungle crown back to Cordali’s house. Probably a bit too sure of victory.

There is not much left of his initial favorite role, which he definitely had with the audience as the son of Costa Cordalis and husband of Daniela Katzenberger. Lucas is being criticized more and more online and his fellow campaigners in the camp are no longer on good terms with the 55-year-old. If the hit star doesn’t make a 180 degree turn, things will look bad with the jungle crown. But how could Lucas lose his favorite status so quickly?

With a trash format like the jungle camp, authenticity is particularly important to the audience. If the viewer has the feeling that someone is just playing a role in the jungle, this is immediately punished in the form of too few calls. But it is precisely this rule that jungle expert Lucas – three of his relatives have already fought through the disgusting show – has so far skilfully ignored. A violent argument broke out in the camp on Thursday evening. His colleagues Papis Loveday, Gigi Birofio and Jolina Mennen accused Lucas of calculation. He acts his way through the jungle show.

Many viewers are now convinced of this. On Twitter it says, for example: “He doesn’t dare to say anything because he wants to give a picture of what he has prepared beforehand.” And in fact, Lucas’ facade of the caring jungle dad seems to crumble every now and then. When Djamila Rowe asks him to relieve her at night watch, he refuses and simply goes back to sleep, Lucas was the ringleader in a blasphemy against fellow campaigner and crowd favorite Cosimo Citiolo – all of which does not fit the image that Lucas very obviously has of himself want to give. It seems like all the time Lucas had to prepare for the jungle didn’t do him any good. In any case, the ready-made template, into which he tries desperately to press himself, does not seem to fit completely. Maybe the Mallorca emigrant would do well to want to be less like his famous father and instead show more of himself.

The next point that brings Lucas little respect from the public are the notorious jungle tests. We’re finally in the 16th season of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! By now, any would-be star should be aware of what they’re getting themselves into with the format. So why not put cockroaches and co. on the menu early on? Well, maybe that’s a bit too much of a good thing. But if you look at yesterday’s test, a bit of hardening wouldn’t have hurt the temporary jungle dweller. Because a sure way to win the favor of the spectators is to deliver in the jungle tests.

Compared to some of his fellow combatants, Lucas tends to smear off. Lucas hasn’t completely failed so far, but other jungle stars have always been responsible for the very large star yield and thus the particularly full stomachs. So covering in glory looks different, especially considering how confident Lucas is about challenges.

Maybe Lucas’ dream of winning the jungle was doomed from the start. A look at the past seasons shows that the candidates who were previously considered clear contenders for victory rarely take the crown home. Instead, the underdogs often win the race, and they only really get to know the fans during the jungle period. Or who had names like Evelyn Burdecki, Filip Pavlović or Jenny Frankhauser on their screens before “I’m a star – get me out of here!”? The fact that Lucas himself, but also the fans and the broadcaster, hyped him so much in advance may have done Lucas more harm than good.

But the race is not over yet and it is still completely open who will ultimately put on the jungle crown. So Lucas still has enough chances to iron out his jungle mistakes. If he continues as before, his big goal, the king of the jungle, could be difficult.

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