After the three-year-old son of rodeo star Spencer Wright had an accident at the beginning of the week, the parents now have to make the most difficult decision: Contrary to their hopes, little Levi will not survive.

Rodeo star Spencer Wright and his wife Kallie are facing what is probably the hardest time of their lives: A few days ago, their three-year-old son Levi disappeared and suffered life-threatening injuries when he fell into the water. The parents now have to make what is probably the most difficult decision.

At the beginning of the week, little Levi wanted to drive around with his toy tractor. For unknown reasons, the little boy fell into a river in the US state of Utah. Despite rescue efforts and the active support of first responders, Levi was in very critical condition when he was rescued from the river.

The helpers tried to resuscitate the boy and keep him alive for over an hour, as the media reported. Kallie herself and a family friend also reported the dramatic scenes on Facebook. In very poor health, Levi was immediately taken to the hospital in Salt Lake City. After days of hoping and praying, the family announced today (May 23) that their son will not survive.

On Facebook, parents and family friend Mindy S. C. kept their friends and relatives updated over the last few days. Together they hoped for a miracle, that the fever would go down and that brain activity would be visible on the EEG – but in vain. On Facebook they shared the words: “Levi’s heart is beating on its own, he has the will to breathe, but his sweet little brain has been without oxygen for too long and there is no going back from that.”

For the parents, these are currently decisions “that come straight from hell,” as friend Mindy tries to explain the terrible situation. Spencer and Kallie are now faced with probably the worst decision a father or mother has to make. You yourself write: “We cuddled with him all night and have the strong feeling that his spirit is no longer with us. We can’t be selfish and put this off for days, he doesn’t deserve that. Soon we will stop caring for him and hold him on earth until his last breath.” And further: “Mom and Dad love you forever!”

Difficult times now lie ahead for the family. In addition to Levi, Spencer and Kallie also have a young daughter, Steeley. The four of them are flooded with love, prayers and various offers of help on social networks, for which they thank them on Facebook. The CEO of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) also expressed his condolences: “The hearts of the entire ProRodeo community hurt for the Wright family. “We will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers” – support and strength that they will certainly need to overcome this terrible loss. 

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