The use of artificial intelligence continues to worry actors in Hollywood. Tom Hanks as well as the daughter of the late Robin Williams, the actress Zelda Williams, took turns denouncing the use of this technology last weekend.

On Sunday the lead actor of Life According to Otto warned his fans that his image had been used in an advertisement without their consent.

“Beware! There’s a video promoting a dental plan of some sort that uses an artificial intelligence-generated version of me. I had nothing to do with this,” the actor wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of the ad in question.

Daughter of the late actor Robin Williams, Zelda Williams also published a message on Instagram in which she denounced the “disturbing” use of artificial intelligence to recreate her father’s voice.

“For years I have seen how many people want to train these models to recreate actors who cannot give consent, like my father. This isn’t just hypothetical, it’s very, very real,” she wrote.

In this same message, Zelda Williams affirms that she supports the demands of Hollywood actors regarding the need for supervision of artificial intelligence in the film industry.

This question is one of the points of dispute between the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG‐AFTRA), which represents the majority of actors in the United States, and the production studios.

This Monday, the two parties met at the negotiating table for the first time since the strike was launched by the actors last July.