as for Tom De Sutter, a former striker of Anderlecht and Club Brugge, a place a few months before his 35th birthday, to end his career. Last year, The Sutter is still active in the FC Knokke-heist, with whom he became champion in the second amateurklasse. The ex-Red Devil has had his contract dissolved.

Sutter broke down when, as a young man in his twenties, in the first class for Cercle Brugge, where he was in the 2007/2008 season was good for five goals. He was a Red Devil, and it took off in 2009 in Anderlecht, three Belgian titles should be celebrating. In 2013, took on Club Brugge to him about of the competition from Brussels, belgium. The Sutter helped the Club in 2015 on the cup with a goal in the final against his ex-club Anderlecht. After that, he went to the Turkish Bursaspor, and came that Sutter has for the city of Lokeren and KV Oostende in our first class.

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