Belgian football competition for Tom De Sutter to stop playing football. The 34-year-old striker announced on Instagram. De Sutter, this season, after the final cessation of the amateur champion, is in 2nd in the Amateur A wonderful time. He played for Club Brugge, Anderlecht and Club Brugge. De Sutter also had a 14-fold) and Red Devil.

From the mouths of his three children, Anna, Carol, and Noah was the farewell party will be announced. “Daddy has decided to stop playing football”, can be read in a Instagram post. “We’re very pleased with that, because he complained last time about the pain. He is also getting on in years. And, let’s face it, in here is more of a future ahead of him.” De Sutter opened its doors in 2015, padelclub.

“He will be missed, and we are sure of”, it reads further. “But he is super hard to watch. And mommy is very happy that he was finally home for once, something will be done.” In the latter, the transfer of the daddy is the one to go home.”