Tom cruise filming a stunt for the movie “Mission impossible – 7” flew into a rage after an accident on the Playground, in which burned an expensive bike costing £2 million.

Five fire engines and an ambulance quickly arrived on Tuesday evening on the set of the film in the UK after it caught fire motorcycle cruise and the scenery.

During the shoot Cruz on the motorcycle had to fly, torn from a huge ramp, but something went wrong. 58-year-old actor is said to have been furious after the accident, as the sequence of filming for the scene was one of the most expensive among taken in the UK. Actors and crew members are carefully prepared for action shooting for more than six weeks, writes The Mirror.

One of the insiders, who told The Sun about the accident, insisted that things went “horribly wrong”.

“It was a huge challenge for the group and cost a fortune, not to mention the weeks of building decorations. But when it came to the day X, everything went horribly wrong,” – said the source.

According to him, the heat and the squeal of Smoking tires has led to the fact that when the motorcycle crashed, cardboard padding scenery exploded. The smoke was so strong that I had to close the nearby airfield of the air force.

“fortunately, nobody was hurt, but it’s a complete disaster, not to mention the fact that it is very expensive for all concerned. Tom is very upset. No one wants more delays,” the source added.

The seventh part of the franchise “Mission impossible” should have been released in cinemas in July 2021. Then was postponed to November. After a horrible accident now it is likely that the seventh part can appear only in 2022.