Tokyo recorded the highest increase of cases

In Tokyo marked the next biggest daily increase in new cases of coronavirus COVID-19. According to TV channel NHK, the diagnosis is more than 50 patients. Before that daily gain was about 40 people with a confirmed diagnosis.

across the country during the day, there are more than 60 new cases COVID-19. Thus, the total number of cases is 1585 people without the 712 people who were on Board of the cruise liner Diamond Princess.

most infected places in Tokyo — 349. In second place Osaka — 176, third on the island of Hokkaido — 171.

In Japan from the effects of infection by the coronavirus passed away 53 people, and 10 of the deceased former passengers of the Diamond Princess.

Previously, the government of Japan jointly with the International Olympic Committee agreed to postpone the Olympics.

According to the latest portal Worldometers, the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in the world exceeded 600 thousand people, were more than 27 thousand deaths.