Who always shows up on red carpets about which there is a certain age only two sentences, Either is whispered behind the back: “Oh, God, the must of what to make” Or: “For God’s sake, the has what!”

And someone left a really visible and what to make, then there is no stopping him: “for The first Time, as she stood bodily before me, I thought that it was a transsexual,” said me, a well-known dermatologist, as he met recently, one of my colleagues, and added with a poker face: “you should take a good lawyer!” Faced with the appearances of some celebrities, populate with a new face, a new body or a new Look, the Ghost train of the red carpet, so many reputable cosmetic surgeons, in view of the work of his colleagues to despair! It is negative advertising, which is used in this way, if some Z-listers to keep the Duckface and silicone melons in the camera.

Many good surgeons to compare the victims of their colleagues with getackerten of Meat left, rolled in flour and breadcrumbs, in the case of Kentucky Fried Chicken as a chicken could be sold And keep this, of course, very dangerous signs of your Guild, I have colleagues who wear their cesarean section scar as a frill, “Take these fashion designers. He had at least three Facelifts – one worse than the other. Constantly have clients in my practice come in and explain to me, you will want to look no way like HIM!“ confided in a good friend to me the other day. The book of Désirée Nick (display): “The paint stays on it – My ultimate Anti-Aging book” on Amazon.

shows already, that alone can decide the right choice of a doctor about our Image, because our face we carry around now, other than perhaps a much-too-tight glittery dress, the whole 24 hours with us Before you ever go under the knife, is it so to take the next step in the right direction and not just from the negative examples, the business card of your doctor give. GRÄFE AND UNZER PUBLISHING house, The Cover of Désirée Nick’s new work “The paint stays on it – My ultimate Anti-Aging book”

We all have to be older than the Generation in front of us … we are but the mythological dream of immortality a few steps closer. However, as in the myths it is known, remains not without consequences, And the older are quite Surprising: the women’s survival statistically, their husbands or partners and start in the second half of life, all of a sudden a life as a merry widow no one would have expected that the children of the 60s one day in the fast Lane so to start, Due to better medicine, more diverse fitness offerings, leisure activities, financial independence, moderate physical stress, elaborate diet programs, cosmetic measures, we are living not only longer, but especially enjoyable During youth, energy, Knowledge and experience come from the inside and not to do with externals and wrinkles a lot, it is still desirable, the ‘rocked out’ outer facade to the positive feeling of life, the perceived youthfulness to adapt the Ancient ruins are indeed the best in the dusk, But we want to present also all round well-maintained set when the Lover turn the light on.

I myself love it to be about 60. I was anything but a happy Teenager! All the more alluring my beam seems to me to be the end of the future as a Golden Girl! And I am truly not alone, meet me far and wide well-maintained “High Maintenance Ladies” in the Prime of life, who have the Worst of it behind, and your life is now aware of enjoy, And also because there are events that have surprised me: Let me but the other day, a suitor from one of the tables in the Restaurant a Rose send! On my tactful nod of the head, he went to the counter and breathed in Passing: “This is a red Rose for you because you are a very special and extremely attractive Lady” As he gave me a glass of champagne send to and from the toilet came back, I said in my most endearing voice: “no, no, no, this is ended up a Rose here because you’re a spoiled little braggart!”

you May be in the twenties and thirties on externals fixed to the transfer of their own DNA, so the focus should be starting in the middle of life and more on what goes on IN the minds of potential partners in front of What is the outer shell, if the content and character of the whole Person to the sham?

And what is there behind the polished veneer of some of the men in the midst of their Midlife Crisis is hidden, is really dramatic with The metallic orange Lotus according to aufheulend einparkend, with three iPhones juggling, the In-Restaurant enternd, the car keys on the table went nuts and loudly the well-known Entourage of the old rooster welcomes the rush that many seek: the engine one more time turn up the volume, step on the Gas and the stallion to make love to two women! Ey, I think this is a bit of very cheap! Have you ever thought about that? If you don’t want to in the age where it becomes harder to satisfy a woman at all, and the little bastard always quite the way you’d like him, why do you want you then, of all things, a Second to bed to get? Who wants to have two angry Bitches at the same time in the box? And, just think about it: you can do it but eh not suffer to chat AFTER Sex, yet to deliver bed whispers and vows of Love, you prefer to quickly turn around, and pumped out over and snooze, And because you want it with two women taking, the talk to you in a Duo full? Hallooo?

Désirée Nick’s book, “The paint stays on it – My ultimate Anti-Anti-Aging book” appears on 1. April 2020, when Gräfe und Unzer Verlag.

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