Today Sergei Yursky would have turned 85 years

About the role Gruzdev from “the meeting Place cannot be changed”…

Sergei Yursky: It there are a lot from me, I had to play a different role but asked it Gruzdev and am very grateful to the Director that he agreed. It was the late ‘ 70s, a difficult time for me, I felt a strong pressure from the government, to me because of my Association with the dissidents were not allowed to work, not mentioned in reviews. And there is the possibility, if not directly, but to say about the system, for which people trash…

On the popular film roles: Vikrikar of “the Republic SHKID”, uncle Mitya from “Love and pigeons”…

Sergei Yursky: “Downloads” – there is not the key word. Moreover, it is not popular, “Love and pigeons” became a film simply folk. I appreciate that, but that does not change and the path that led me to this role and the path that led from it, then…

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the film Alexey Molchanov: Ducking, we learn to deal with their fears

it happened, we then coincided at a single point in their best time, and it is focused. Agree, because paper ignites only properly curved and directed a magnifying glass! Michael Schweitzer filmed at a very high level, but the focus he had in the “Golden calf”. Gurchenko into which I once fell in a comic role in the film “Love and doves” is not just flashed, and was at its highest point. Natalya Tenyakova is back in the movie “Love and pigeons”, so much so that now to me after a concert in Stavropol came and say hi to her. “You know, that’s my mom!” And we played about Siberia and was shot in Karelia.

On undervalued roles

Sergei Yursky: Of the last is, of Courchno, Stalin in the TV series “Stalin”, an immensely popular character, I suggested the viewer to see it as a psychological phenomenon, still living in the us and over the years, manifested more and more. The film, noticed the criticism, but not the viewer. “Fathers and sons” where we Tenyakova played parents of Bazarov, one of the best in my memory of the paintings – it is the same story, the show occasionally on the “side” channels. Half a year we with TVC under the anniversary of Pushkin shot of Eugene Onegin, released it, but it was the anniversary – all about that forgotten.

About studying to be a lawyer

Sergei Yursky: Yes, what a mistake, I got lucky! I touched University (Jurassic studied at the law faculty of Leningrad state University – approx. “RG”), saw it to the moment of transition to new times in the mid-50s, he met with such people! My friends were my peers, future physicists, astronomers, Orientalists, linguists, philologists, biologists – we all met in the University theater. We had different interests but were United in spirit, spirituality! This was a generation “vystrelivshey” in the ‘ 60s and issued a large portion of people dazzling brightness, which was impossible not to notice. It was the generation output, the generation of “antre”.

in addition, the knowledge is very useful. We have been taught and the old intelligentsia the time of the last flowering and the stars of the new professors. We met, talked a lot and then forged a good talking, and hence thinking people.

Photo: RIA Novosti people’s artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan: I – father-molodezhb the actors on stage, in film and life.

Sergei Yursky: All – play. A tendency to wear different costumes, use TV and actorstate, put our profession on the brink of death. It used to be an actor is Oh-Oh-Oh! People working in this theatre. Now and no theater, and all play… It’s dangerous because people are not trained to play. So playing badly and playing selfishly. Art is, in principle, on unselfishness. Therefore, the artists receive no salary, and fees. Earlier, in any case, it was the name. And then a very selfish game, which leads to a drop of authenticity across the state. For example, there were academics. The man needs to match the title. Now such a number of academies that an academician can be any.

On human nature

Sergei Yursky: God, what matters. You’re probably asking with a sneer. So I tell you with a sneer and answer. I realized that human nature is very bad. The idea of socialism as a system invented, composed, was directed against human nature. A bad man, and we will make a new man, sinless. And who will be closer to the ideal, will reward. I think there is a similarity or a parody that was made by Jesus Christ. Now I blame that in one interview I said that Stalin is a fallen angel. But in the same way we can say that socialism – it is the anti-Christ, not outside of Christianity. Christianity also put impossible, unfortunately, the task is to change the very person. And this is proved by the current crisis of the Christian consciousness. The Communists took advantage of this: “Yes, they’re lying, look at those priests!” Now there is a new mix. On the one hand, the sparkle of the dome. On the other – completely destroyed the call to be saints. And destroyed the socialist call – to be perfect. Remains: “a man must be a man.” Yes, it is said the pagans. But they said thousands of other things. For example, “remember death.” Don’t think about it. Left – “nothing human is alien to me”. And the human was stealing, lust, debauchery, slavery, temptation, indifference to the novice generation. The man said, here’s the whole world, go wherever you want, take what you want. There is one person, to catOromo I have a lot of interest. The man who, having ascended to the top of this exorbitant accumulation of money came to his senses and said, “it is Necessary to them of money, something else to do.”

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Sergei Yursky: the Animals – it’s not just the environment, animals, and related to us, it is a living world, with us closely knitted and us loyal. So a normal person should have feelings of guilt and responsibility, the Christian sense of repentance before the living entities. Cruelty is inexcusable, even to those who intended to feed people. Already long ago civilization came to the point realizing its priorities to aim for the minimum amount of pain and fear from those whom we kill to eat. We pretend to be benefactors, and then throw away literally in the trash in the cold their “friends” infancy. We dropped to a very low point. And our repentance and correction is a necessary part of the program of improvement of the society. Why the Commissioner for the rights of animals? Yes, because the existing design, structure and positions, despite the fact that spent a lot of money, for example, the creation of shelters do not work. This is an attempt to find a certain point, around which to focus the search output.