Today Alexandrinsky theatre will show the premiere of

for the First time in 264 year history of the theater performance will be presented without an audience in the hall. Theatrical premiere of the oratorio “Mauser”, one of the leaders of the European theater, the Greek Director Theodoros of Terzopoulos, decided not to abolish, but to show in a live broadcast. On such an unprecedented step – change to the format of online broadcasting and playing your performances for audiences remotely and in real time, – Alexandrinsky theater went into partnership with the “Tricolor”: exclusive free screenings of the Prime Minister can often be seen in the online project “the Big broadcast” via the app “Tricolor Cinema and TV”.

Photo: Press-service of the Museum of theatre and music In the Theatrical Museum will host the broadcast, theatrical readings

“Mauser” will open a series of video screenings of the Alexandrinsky theatre on the main and new scenes when the actors have to play to an empty house. In Alexandrinsky Theodoros Terzopoulos to this unique event raised three times: in 2006 – “Oedipus the king” by Sophocles, in 2014 – “End game” Beckett and in 2017 – the play “Mother Courage and her children” by Brecht. “Theodoros Terzopoulos always works with classic texts, and is the best specialist in Europe for Greek tragedy, – said the artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theater Valery Fokin. It is very important that it is relying on a tragic meaning never goes beyond the meaning of literary, always explores the tragic start acting in nature. For me, the longer it Terzopoulos is a Director, an artist that is interesting and significant, especially those that profess a sensual theatre. The theater, which is not hiding behind words, which can hardly be called literary, narrative theatre. Terzopoulos involved in theater, which operaell primarily on the inner material of the actor: at his condition, his emotions. It means not just the emotional excitement of an actor, but a special way of being on stage.”

As reported in the theater, a new performance of Theodoros of Terzopoulos the first full stage version of the play by Heiner müller’s “Mauser” in Russia. Special value added following the premiere of the biographical facts of Terzopoulos: in the 1970s, years Director five years trained at the Berliner ensemble, where his mentor was the Heiner Muller. And in the 1990s it Terzopoulos first opened drama Muller for the Russian audience, placing the Theatre on Taganke performance on his play “Quartet” with Alla Demidova and Dmitri Pevtsov in the lead roles.

In many of his thirty plays of Heiner Muller addressed the subjects of world literature. “Mauser” became a variation on the theme of the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov “the Quiet don” with the explanation “konarmia” by Isaac Babel.

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don’t miss! 21 March at 17: 00 on the website of the Alexandrinsky theater will take place online broadcast of the dialogue, “Heiner Mueller – Greece – Russia” directed by Theodoros of Terzopoulos and doctor of arts Alexander Chepurov.

Photo: iStock European theatre and Museum opened up online access to their archives

On the website of the Alexandrinsky theatre, the official theater group Vkontakte and on the Youtube channel of theatre is still very cognitive content: meetings, master classes by leading theatre figures, historians, sociologists, which are held in Alexandrinsky. New stage your event – from concerts to lectures and broadcasts since December. And your reach and satellite pop-up channel at the Alexandrinsky theatre appeared for the first time. Exclusive online broadcast of “the Big broadcast” availables free through the app “Tricolor Cinema and TV”, which you can download in the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery.

“We know that magic happens in the theater it was in the hall when there are the actors and the audience. And although this is the first experience of live broadcasts of performances on the main stage, we hope that people are able to exchange energy and in the distance, said at an online press conference, General producer of the New stage of Alexander Malich. – In these strange days we are even more convinced of this. We hope that this theatre will help our virtual audience to cheer up, to give occasion for reflection, to become closer to each other or just get away”.