Change it to “viral front”, and new solutions were discussed yesterday at two events led by the head of the Cabinet – at a meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council for combating coronavirus and the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Opening the meeting, Prime Minister told about the good trends. Most importantly, the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection in Russia has stalled – according to yesterday, it did not exceed two percent. And in Moscow only one percent, said Mikhail Mishustin. “The risks for the people still there, he warned. – Should maintain full readiness to respond to any contingency”.

yet on the stabilization of the situation, you can talk about lifting restrictions. “I signed a government that allows the citizens to leave the country to care for sick relatives living in other States, – said the head of the Cabinet. – And for those who are going to work or school.” Check-out is provided for the Russians who need to receive medical treatment abroad, he added. To enter Russia, he said, can and foreign nationals. This will affect those who are going to undergo treatment in Russian medical organizations, as well as those who live in Russia close relatives, or guardians in need of care. To change the mode of constraints, the Cabinet decided in response to the complaints of citizens, said Mishustin.

When you can fly or go abroad for other purposes, the government has not yet stated. However, it became known that the Cabinet plans a full opening of the interregional message, and hence the tourist season. Since June 1, many regions have already resumed the work of the sanatoriums, which have medical license, said the head of government. And now throughout the country the holiday season is ready to be opened – it must be gradual, with observance of security measures, he said.

About the plans on this topic gave more information in his report, his Deputy Dmitry Chernyshenko. “June will be spent on preparing the venues and infrastructure for the launch and careful start, he said. – July 1 we expect that it will be possible to fully launch the industry interregional trips”. In the Cabinet, in addition, it is expected that in the coming weeks will launch hotels in half of the regions, said the speaker. “Today, more than 40 regions meet the criteria of discoveries,” he said.

Governors have until 15 June to prepare plans for the launch of the tourism industry in their regions. “The plans they are developing in conjunction with the Federal tourism Agency, Rospotrebnadzor and the health Ministry – said Chernyshenko. – It is important that regions, gently, gradually, with observance of all necessary security measures resumed worka”.

And to go to go for this new opportunities. Over the summer, will open 10 new domestic travel routes in areas such as Kaliningrad oblast, Khakassia, Baikal, Altai mountains. They will be the first time charters and tours will fall in price, expect Chernyshenko. And yet to reduce the prices for permits (on all domestic routes) will help the introduction of additional feed-in tariffs for families with children. “We plan to enhance the diversity of children’s tourism, so that every child could have the summer to relax guaranteed”, – said the speaker. In General, from domestic tourism, according to him, good prospects: he has the potential tenfold increase.

To the country willingly traveled, it is necessary to address systemic development of the industry, noted on his part, Mikhail Mishustin. “We have no problem with the demand for internal tourism, – said Mishustin. – Problem – the lack of quality tourism infrastructure and services at a competitive price”. In the Cabinet, said its head, intend to overcome this barrier by actively supporting investors in the industry. According to the Chairman of the government, the national plan of action to support the economy included appropriate action. Among them preferential terms of repayment of previously issued loans to agencies and the expansion of state domestic and inbound tour operators.

the Plan for the restoration of economy in the Cabinet yesterday discussed not only in the tourist “mine”. Mikhail Mishustin, putting the task to finalize the document stated that each measure of the plan is to provide growth of incomes of citizens. Only this will enable us to reach a stable path of GDP growth.

Among the priorities the Prime Minister has described the restoration of employment and supporting people in a difficult period. Measures, he said, needed to generate additional demand for specialists to provide people with the necessary level of wages, reduce the number of poor and to increase the number of employed in small and medium business. In finalizing the plan Mishustin instructed to consider the opinions of experts, entrepreneurs and parliamentarians.