the Correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” found out as in the regions is developing the project “Lean clinics”, as they will be convenient and comfortable for patients.

In Tula after the repair has opened a “lean hospital”. Now there is no conventional registry: instead, the “information Desk”.

And sick children do not intersect with those whom it is necessary, for example, to get help. The parents are happy: there is no fear that baby stuff “picks up” in the queue. And the queue to the doctors no – reception by appointment. And those who came in an emergency, out of turn or was late, takes the doctor on duty.

– Everything was very convenient and comfortable. I always recorded to the doctor through the portal of public Services. Problems with record no, all the experts are available – shared Inna Ponomareva, came to the reception with a year-old baby.

Satisfied and doctors. Otolaryngologist Anna Aitova delighted with the new equipment – ENT of the combine, to tell about possibilities of the new equipment it can only in superlatives.

– Without an information system you’re already used to working much faster than before – smiling pediatrician angelina Kiryanov. – I from the workplace record of patients to studies, advice. There is the possibility of recording to another branch of the hospital and in the regional companies. All directions are generated automatically, anything by hand is not necessary to write. Can watch discharge from hospital or consultation in other hospitals. The recipes here too we write. Fast, convenient and errors are excluded.

Nineteen medical institutions of Primorye in 2019 become “lean”. This year will join the project for another 24 clinics, including children.

Only that the repair is started in a children’s polyclinic regional clinical hospital №2. “There will be an open reception, separate emergency room with dedicated zones. Appears comfortable lounge for waiting, will make room for children” – said the chief physician clinics Inna Zelenkova.

the National project “Health” provides that the proportion of children’s “lean clinics” by the end of 2020 in Primorye will amount to 95 percent. There will be a covered pram storage room, game room, open registry with information machines, electronic scoreboard with the schedule of reception of doctors and much more. The clinic will be replenished and new medical equipment.

– We continue large-scale work, which began last year, – said the head of Primorye region Oleg Kozhemyako. – After equipping outpatient clinics with additional equipment will begin, including, and hospitals. It is not only the equipment but also repairs, the purchase of equipment for comfortable stay of patients.

the First vaccination little patients put in us��organnoi new children’s clinic opened in the young district of Yekaterinburg “Sunny”.

Built up area on the outskirts of the city began five years ago, in a comfortable home drove mostly young families, but Hiking with the kids at the reception to the doctors turned into epic. “Even the car was gone about an hour, and the buses only for transfers,” admitted one of the first visitors Julia Chechulina.

walking distance to the new “lean clinic” is one of the main advantages. Now to the health facility assigned almost two thousand children, and in the future it will be able to serve up to 4.5 thousand children.

there are two separate entrances. Backup – for emergency care and children with a temperature, which is very important in the current epidemiological situation. The mode isolation in Yekaterinburg is not completely removed, and children are admitted only to the vaccination in compliance with all safety standards.

– as soon As restrictions will be removed, – said head physician of children’s city hospital № 8 Dmitry Holiday here will work pediatricians, the point of reception of analyses, emergency room and specialists. Moreover, the wait time to a doctor will be about two minutes. Everything is computerized, patient card are maintained in electronic form, the ergonomics of the workplace is organized with the technology of thrift.

In 2020, the new standards introduce an additional 79 medical organizations.

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