compensation of part of expenses on transportation of agricultural and food products this year called for 2,332 billion. But taking into account the proposals of the branch unions of the limit of state funds was increased by 2.67 billion roubles, is spoken in the letter signed by the Director of the Department for regulation of agricultural markets Ministry of agriculture Maxim Titov in the address of the branch unions. Meanwhile, as of June 26, in the Russian export centre from enterprises received 309 applications for a total of just less than 2 billion rubles. The Ministry requests until July 7 to tell us how much still will be needed to exporters for transportation until 1 October.

Transport subsidies are granted from 2017, exporters kompensiruet half of the transport costs to the borders. Subsidies apply to rail, road and water transport. Last year grants were issued in the amount of about 1.7 billion rubles.

the Document on the allocation of additional amounts of grants signed at the end of February, prior to the restrictions due COVID-19. “Had it not been a pandemic, I’m sure all of the remedies would be used, – says the President of Agrifood Strategies albert Davleev. But ruptured supply chains, overstocking reception and shipment. Quarantine in China have kept millions of containers worldwide. The movement of goods has declined sharply. Poultry meat for Russian producers access to the Chinese market moved in 3-4 months.”

in addition, subsidies do not extend to Maritime transport, and many goods are almost exclusively sea. For example, not so long ago on the railroad went trial shipment of Russian meat to China. But due to the fact that the tariffs in the far East for reefer containers high (40% higher than for normal containers), even with state by rail is more expensive than without state sea, says the head of the Executive Committee of National meat Association Sergey Yushin.