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We need cash, ” says Sven Erik Renaa, the chef that for just a few weeks ago was rewarded with the two star in the Michelin guide.

Before koronautbruddet was his restaurant in Stavanger fully booked for stjernedrysset. So was it the sudden stop. 67 employees are laid off.

on Thursday, the government drafted a package of measures for the business sector, the so-called “cash allowances”. The scheme is mainly meant to hit small – and medium-sized businesses.

Companies can get covered expenses like rent, power, insurance and interest costs for a particular utregningsnøkkel. No one gets covered everything.

The hit the different. We had hoped that vat would be paid or get a lower rate for a period of time. We do not have as large fixed costs in the day, but we have a backlog of wages, holiday pay and value-added tax, says Renaa.

– Feel like a sci-fi film

“the Neighbor” Ostehuset has been a part of restauranttilbudet in the city in 20 years. 95 per cent of the 60 employees are laid off, and it is unclear when they can get back on the job.

the Owner Hanne Norman Berentzen looks a little brighter on the stimulus package than Renaa.

This is a nødpakke, and we see that there are many considerations to take. But this means that we can now lower your shoulders and breathe out a bit in easter and gather the strength to see new possibilities, ” says Hanne Berentzen who owns the Ostehuset in Stavanger.

She has the following to say about the weeks that have passed since Norway closed:

It feels as if you are in a science fiction movie from the future that you never thought you would experience.

Bakerikjede not completely satisfied,

Bakerikjeden W. B. Samson has experienced – and survived – uncertain times before. The start was what today is Oslo’s oldest bakery on Egertorget square in Oslo, norway, in 1894.

OPENED IN 1894: Samson on Egertorget square in Oslo.

the 22-year-old Wilhelm Bismark Samson dreamed of becoming either the brewer or the baker, but ended up starting a business that is now 126 years.

Carl Fredrik Samson is the managing director for filialdriften in the chain, and not completely satisfied with the measures which was presented Thursday.

– We who keep the wheels in motion and “only” have a omsetningsnedgang of 60 per cent instead of 100 per cent, risking to be punished through to stay open, ” he says.

a Lot has happened since wienerbrødene cost 2-3 cents. Two world wars, several crises and lavkonjunkturer. But now experiencing the fifth generation Samson a crisis quite different from the ancestors have seen.

Carl Fredrik Samson.

168 of approximately 280 employees are laid off.

the Chain delivers to also events, businesses and canteens, in addition to the 24 bakeriutsalg, and experienced the sudden stop in sales when koronakrisen hit Norway.

– Actually, one should be able to get covered everything, if you can prove that you just have covered the ongoing costs to keep open. It is a societal good that companies are doing this rather than shut down completely, which many will do if it carries with it heavy penalties to keep open.

Believe it was high time

Gunnar Bakke, director of the Baker – and konditorbransjens association believe that if it had not come to action now, could many jobs gone doll.

– I share Carl Fredrik samson’s concern. It should be a fair distribution, one should not be punished to keep people in work, ” says Hill.

Georg Husebæk is the leader in Your Baker, a nationwide collaboration between the stand-alone håndverksbakerier. Also he supports Samson-chain.

– More bakeribedrifter have chosen to stay open and thus to keep the wheels in motion for several companies. These loses now still to have a small share of revenue, he points out.

New fitness center survives

– Whether the same measures apply for start-up companies, so I think we will manage us through this crisis, ” says managing director Kristian Orheim at the fitness centre, the Harbour activity and health at Nordfjordeid.

They have just started up your company, and therefore have no previous figures to compare the revenue with.

laid off: – It’s only about survival, and we will manage with the measures we have made even, and the help that comes from the government, ” says Kristian Orheim.

Photo: Benedikte Rough / NRK

As the other fitness center, they have been required to close together with a variety of other businesses and industries. All of the 25 full – time and part-time employees are laid off.

“We have not so much to go on, so if the measures had not come now, as if it had been hook on the door very quickly for us,” says Orheim.

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