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a week ago alerted the government to a comprehensive “cash-plan” of business, which means that the government will cover a proportion of the fixed costs for businesses who are suffering financially under the koronavorus outbreak and the strict smitterverntiltakene.

the Scheme is estimated to cost the state around 20 billion a month until the end of may, and according to Nrk’s sources is the likely to be aligned to:

the First payments shall be made as quickly as possible. A søknadsportal for businesses to be up and go from 17. april. The scheme will initially apply for march, april and may. Companies must be able to demonstrate a omsetningsfall of at least 30 per cent per month to get support. For the month of march is a omsetningsfall of 20 per cent.

No company will recover all of their fixed expenses.

not Even the companies the state has required to close under the koronakrisen, hairdressers and bars, will be fully compensated for the inevitable expenses such as rent, light and heat, renovations, cleaning, water and drainage, equipment rental, insurance, accounting services and so on.

How much a business will gain in support shall be calculated after this formula:

Compensation = Omsetningsfall in percent X (fixed costs minus co-payment) X adjustment factor.

Justeringsfaktoren are of 0.9 for the businesses that are closed down by the state, and 0.8 for other companies. The latter group, i.e. those who are not obliged to keep closed, in addition, an excess of 10,000 nok per month.

I.e. firms that are required to keep closed to get covered a somewhat larger proportion of fixed costs than firms in industries that are not closed down by the state, but still struggling as a result of the crisis.

Maximum support: 30 million

the Scheme is mainly meant to hit small – and medium-sized businesses. The threshold to cash out the money from the scheme is that støttebeløpet is at least 5000 million, while the makstaket is set to 30 million per company/legal entity per month.

This is similar to that in Denmark, where the ceiling for a very similar scheme was set to 25 million Danish kroner per bedrfit.

All information contained in this case originated from the treasury department’s outline of how the scheme will look like. It can in theory be changed before the details, Thursday or Friday formally presented by finance minister Jan Tore Sanner.

the Sketch is submitted to the Storting finanskomité and shared with the parties in the labour market: the confederation of Norwegian enterprise, the Ministry and LO, as well as Finance Norway as, in cooperation with the banks will administer the scheme.

COOPERATION: Jan Tore Sanner has worked closely with the peaks of the confederation of Norwegian enterprise, the Ministry, the Finance Norway and LO to find out how the new cash allowances to Norwegian companies should be designed.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten These will not support

According to the sketch of the NRK has been given access to the scheme be possible to search for all tax registered enterprises in Norway except these:

Enterprises in the financial services industry (the refinement is done based on the finansskatten), enterprises in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity and water supply, ocean transport -goods transport, oil and gas exploration and development (limited to those who are under oljeskatteregimet), private kindergartens which are under the private scheme, airlines that are under its own scheme, enterprises without employees (excluding the SI where the business is owner hovedinntektskilde), enterprises without activity and enterprises that are under bankruptcy proceedings or filed for bankruptcy

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