games for Tonight are to get up to 19 hours to take in Sector One, and the time-out Esports face off in the final lentewedstrijd of the Belgian League of Legends to the competition. The first team to three matches wins, it will be the first ever Belgian League champions and are going to Europe.

Industry One can, without a doubt, the big favourites on the semi-finals. They lost not a single game, and we knew quickly dispatch their opponents. By Night, Dibu, and Practice, they have several players who have glansprestatie be able to drop and lift the team to a win and can carry.

the Timeout Esports walked back to a slightly more rugged trail. She had some stitches fall out at the end of the regular season, but knew RSCA Esports to be without having to deal with a game loss. However, they have their most powerful tactics out as they are in the Spring Split, would like to win because in the last confrontation, with the Industry One is in the play-offs, they were, with two quick games on the side.