In the formula 1 is managed by Robert Kubica never the big throw. The Pole, raced in the Premier class for BMW-Sauber, Renault and, most recently, for Williams, and this year, a test pilot for Alfa Romeo, brought it in the formula 1 in the five and a half seasons on a win, his best world Cup finish in the tournament ranked four in the 2008 season. Very different was in karting.

As Kubica was one of the talents used to be the absolute Top. In 1995, he began his career in his homeland, Poland, in 1998, he went at the age of 13 to Italy. “The most important races took place at that time in Italy,” he says in an Instagram-Live Video of ‘Pirelli’ with Mario Isola. “Italy is the center of the kart world,” explains Kubica. All the major manufacturers are active there.

“at the Time, it was the strongest championship in Europe, maybe even worldwide. Of course, there were also European and world Championships, but it was the hardest national championship. I was the first Non-Italian in the history to win the Italian championship,” explains Kubica proud of. In 1998 and 1999, he won twice in the series, the Italian Junior kart championship.

Kubica: “didn’t Know if I was not good at all”

Curiously enough, Kubica was so good that some of his rivals believed that the Pole had been doped. “Later, I heard some nasty comments about me. After I left the karting, I have heard that some people thought that I was on drugs. Unbelievable!” he laughs and adds: “I was sometimes focused and clever to have been. This was for a child of 13 or 14 years is unusual.”

Kubica admits: “I have gained much more than I was supposed to have won, because I was just a little smarter. I’ve won some races, which were to win by pure Speed actually impossible.” The have, however, had nothing to do with the taking of illegal substances. In fact, he even had his own Talent was not assessed.

“I don’t know for a long time even if I was not good at all,” he reveals. His father at a young age was a great help. He had made sure that he was withdrawn, in spite of all the successes never. A profound experience was his first international race outside of Poland. Kubica said: “I remember the first Training. All of them had great Karts and great helmets.”

“My helmet was white and I had a normal jumpsuit without the sponsors. On my Kart, only with my Name. Nothing else was on it, no stickers,” said Kubica. Anywhere large Teams and manufacturers had been on the road, he had travelled with his father and a mechanic and therefore had no big goals for the race.

Never again so good as you did in the go-Kart

His father told him that he should follow at the beginning of the training, one of the faster drivers. “I drove behind him out, and after three or four laps I was faster than he was. After the workout I said to my father: ‘That wasn’t so bad. I was faster than he was.’ He said: ‘no, no, he has not pushed.’ […] But in Qualifying I took Pole,” grins Kubica.

“Because I realized that I was perhaps better, as they had always told me. My goal was just to make it to the final, the first 34. In the end I finished Second, I was shocked, a little,” recalls the now 35-Year-old. A distance of some years, he says: “In my career, I was never as good a driver as in the Kart.”

“it was perhaps also due to the fact that I had to grow up fast. I left my country at the age of 13, with 15, I lived alone,” said Kubica, who announced with a Smile another curious side effect of his successful kart time in Italy: “Many people have not understood, where I come from.”

“Some regions in Italy, particularly well in geography. For all the Eastern European countries are the same,” laughs Kubica. In his name, the opponent had to get used to at the time, but quickly.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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