this is stated in the draft resolution on the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, including coronavirus, in the epidemic season 2020/21 year that the CPS had published for public comment.

to Prepare for the seasonal flu this year are going in advance. Especially as a number of experts believe that with the onset of fall begins the second wave of COVID-19. From August 24 it is planned to organize work on informing the population about the importance of vaccination. The CPS considers the main protection against seasonal flu that is vaccinated. In plans of the Department for the upcoming flu season is to instill in 48% of the population. And in high-risk groups (children, elderly, health workers, employees of breeding companies and others) to extend coverage to at least 75% of the people.

due to the fact that the seasonal flu can occur in the fall with the coronavirus, the preparation to increase the incidence must be organized with great responsibility. Employers will be obliged to measure the temperature of employees. And several times a day: before they start work and during the working day. You can apply non-contact or contact methods of measuring body temperature (electronic, infrared thermometers, portable infrared cameras). If employee’s temperature will be elevated, it will have to be sent home or to the clinic for examination.

CPS also recommends that the immunization of employees against influenza. Regional leaders will need to provide medical organizations with all necessary for work during the rise of the incidence of SARS and coronavirus, stockpiles of antivirals, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment. And in the case of the deterioration of the situation will need to be converted to hospitals for the treatment of infectious patients, as was done during the pandemic coronavirus. Can be introduced restrictive measures.

From 1 October will be weekly monitoring all cases of influenza, and the emergence in the region of the foci of avian influenza. If the disease is influenza or community-acquired pneumonia will lead to a fatal outcome, each case will be separately investigated.