Two boxers and the head coach of the team should have during the event with the Corona-Virus infected. The British “Guardian” to the Federation President Eyup Gozgec said: “While the world has taken extreme measures to combat the Virus, I am amazed that the IOC task force, and the British government approved the tournament, even though many of us had concerns. It was irresponsible. And the result is that three team members have been positively tested. All are in treatment, and fortunately in good condition.“ On the website of the Turkish Boxverbands Trainer Seyfullah Dumlupınar and Boxer were Güler Serhat indicated as infected.

There had already been criticism of the late demolition of the qualification. The IOC responded with a written statement to the allegations of the Turkey. It States that it is not possible to know the source of the infection, and that the IOC was no connection between the qualifying tournament and the contagion of the athletes aware of. In addition, the IOC refers to the fact that there was, at the time of the event, no state restrictions on large-scale events in the UK.

Text: Nils Bothmann

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