Horse riding tours last from half an hour up to 10 days. Irina Glinskaya, Director of the equestrian club “field, steppe”, says that a half hour horse-riding tourists reach Orcino on the mountain, which is also called Pleshka. It offers stunning views of the tributary of the Volga – USU.

But, of course, the atmosphere of the campaign it is best to feel over several days: to live in a tent, cook food over a campfire, swim with the horses. And most importantly – for ten days the group is all “Samarskaya Luka” on the border “the Zhiguli nature reserve”. It is 210 kilometers. By the way, sleeping in tents not always – spend a couple nights in the shelters of the national Park with all the terms.

– you Can ride on horse, slow, but such a campaign would be very difficult for everyone, so we encourage tourists to take in advance at least a few riding lessons, so I need to go at a trot, – says Irina Glinskaya.

the Culmination of a 10-day horse-riding tour – Shiryaevo village, where he wrote Ilya Repin. In Shiryaeva is something to see: the famous galleries and Popov Gora, and most importantly – the house-Museum of Repin, in the courtyard of which stands a monument to the artist. In this house in the summer of 1870 and lived Ilya Repin, his brother Basil and their friends-artists Makarov and Vasiliev. Furnished home and things are very well convey the life of the time. It is not excluded that some subjects used by the artists themselves. In Shiryaeva Repin has prepared sketches for the famous painting “barge haulers on the Volga” and also wrote “Storm on the Volga”.

In the campaign take a group of ten people. Children only from 12 years old. It is better to go, of course, to your tents. But the organisers also have their own equipment. Food for humans and animals driven by car, so tourists can only enjoy the interaction with horses and nature – she’s in the Samara region is amazing.

In the national Park also has interesting Hiking trails one day. For example, the tour trail “Witch’s lake”. In the village Bailovo, according to legend, once lived wizards and sorcerers. So on the trail you will meet many fairy tale characters – witch, devil and water. And yet there is a “tree of wishes”. They say if you are tied to this oak ribbon, a cherished dream will come true. Try?

And in the Park there is a cave of Stepan Razin. According to legend, he fled with his comrades. Yes, in itself, a cave is unique. She is one of the largest caves of karst origin (erosion of rocks by water). That too leads tourist-route. There are other trails. And everywhere – a wonderful nature.

In Samara Central bus station buses to Tolyatti and Zhigulevsk. Will hold approximately two hours. And in these cities the bus will take you to the national Park. For those travelling by car, you have to go on the Federal highway M5 “Ural”. From Moscow to the national Park – more thousands of kilometers.

On 10 June in Samara region resumed boat trips along the Volga river station lasting for half an hour. And open to the public three tourist route “the Zhiguli reserve”: the Stone Bowls on Bakhilova the Meadow in the Strelnaya mountain (the highest point of Zhiguli mountains).

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