So far, Prince Harry in particular has publicly dished out against his father, King Charles, and the British royal family. Now the monarch could turn the tables. He is said to be planning his own interview with the BBC, in which his youngest son is also said to be a topic.

The British royal family is currently anything but sunshine. The reason is the numerous allegations that Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) have made against the royals since fleeing to the United States. The Sussexes not only did this in their Netflix documentary, but also in many interviews. Mainly because of Prince Harry’s memoirs, which were published in early January 2023, there are repeated interviews with King Charles III’s youngest son. (74), in which he shares his allegations against his family with the public, demands apologies and complains.

So far, the palace has been silent about the attacks by the 38-year-old and his wife. It has recently even been suggested that King Charles is working towards reconciliation and could meet his son’s demands. The conflict was to be settled before the coronation. But now the tide could turn.

As “” reports exclusively, a BBC interview with the monarch is planned. And in this one it could be him commenting on his son Prince Harry. Jonathan Dimbleby (78), an old friend of the monarch, is said to be interviewing the king about his life and plans for the monarchy. The material will then be shown as part of the coverage of the coronation in May 2023.

Palace officials are now debating whether the king should take this opportunity to tell his side of the story that Prince Harry and his wife have so often shared with the public. But does the king want to take that risk? Because every statement on his part will immediately make headlines – and result in a reaction from the Sussexes. This would take the vicious circle to the next level. A source said: “Everything is very delicate.”

However, should King Charles really give an investigative interview and specifically address his son’s allegations, that would be a real novelty – and certainly a surprise for his son.

It could get uncomfortable for Prince Harry. He has already been banned from the coronation ceremony. If King Charles is now even willing to give an interview in which the privates of the royals are made public, it cannot be ruled out that he will also take other steps against his son. So the Sussexes could lose their titles that are so important to them. Not to mention further damage to their reputation, which could also result in financial disadvantages.

In his autobiography “Spare” Prince Harry also writes about traumatic experiences in his life. About the early accidental death of his mother, Princess Diana. A psychologist now explains that such descriptions could burden people with similar experiences.

Last year, the disgraced Prince Andrew had to vacate his office at Buckingham Palace. Now his brother King Charles III. also took away his place to sleep in the castle.

Prince Andrew has been forced to step down from his royal duties following an abuse scandal. But he would like to contest the comparison with Virginia Giuffre and he also supposedly has an ace up his sleeve for a better image: a new “development” next month should help.

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