now, Uli Hoeness the president of Bayern Munich, is expected to have the corona virus in the next few years, the big will have an impact on the world of football. “I can’t imagine that in the next two or three years, for transfers of more than one hundred million euros will have to take place”, he noted.

“The transferbedragen will without a doubt fall”, was the former president of Bayern Munich, in the journal Baby record. “I think we’re in a whole new way and will get it. All countries are being affected financially.”

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The 68-year-old Hoeness declared itself very satisfied with the measures taken by the federal government, as well as an important message to the Germans. “It is not only talking about the war. We must also act on the claim. People’s lives are at stake. Anyone have the issue of rules to follow.”

Hoeness saw it will be no trouble for the Club, which is a serious doubt as to whether he is still to be completed. “However, even if the races without the general public being played in the clubs, especially the tv money. You will only have problems if the situation persists until the end of the year. The quality of life for the entire competition into question the the charge. But we can’t make predictions about it. Even now nobody knows when we will play.”