To evacuate from China are ready 132 Russian

to Leave China’s Hubei province in Russia wanted 132 citizen of our country, have informed “Interfax” in Embassy of Russia in Beijing.

Evacuation of Russians declared of the threat of proliferation of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, is scheduled for 4 February. Definitely a place will bring people to pass the quarantine, has not been determined.

“Now consider three possible sites, so the final decision will be made directly during the evacuation,” — said RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of health Sergey Kraevoy.

however, he said that in Moscow and Vladivostok to evacuate Russians are planned.

“Most, of course, the upcoming quarantine is unpleasant, but everyone understands its necessity and inevitability”, — TASS was told on the phone one of the Russian students of Wuhan University. According to her, the mood of everyone leaving calm, all prepared for the move.

however, several people changed their plans and decided to stay in Wuhan. In their opinion, accept the Chinese measures enough to stem the epidemic.

“Information about the Russians with pneumonia new type in China, no”, — said the press attache of the Russian Embassy in China Georgy Egorov.

According to the latest data, from pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus in China have died of 425 people, the number of cases exceeded 20.4 thousand.

Previously known Russian doctor, Alexander Myasnikov, commenting on the situation, noted that the death rate from the new coronavirus “corresponds to average mortality rates from conventional pneumonia requiring treatment in the hospital.”