1. Why a Wallbox?

anyone Who buys an electric car, you should buy for your home is not necessarily a Wallbox (charging station). Because the household outlet is impractical to store such a large consumer such as an electric car, because it’s extremely long takes. This is also dangerous, because the socket can overheat and a fire to break out. For this reason, never use an extension cord.

2. The proper charging station.

The Wallbox there with two charging capacity of 3.7 kW (230 V / 16 A) or 11 kW (400 V / 16 A). The weaker Wallbox recharges in eight hours, about 29 kWh of electricity – enough for around 140 to 160 kilometers. It is, therefore, Stromer-type BMW i3 or VW e-Golf and Plug-in Hybrids suitable. The more efficient, but also more expensive Wallbox recharges in eight hours for up to 88 kWh, which is enough for about 360 to 400 km range. Thus, it is suitable for vehicles with larger batteries such as Audi E-Tron, Hyundai Kona Electric, Mercedes EQC, Renault Zoe and the Tesla models.

3. No unnecessary bells and whistles

“Less is more!”, also applies to the choice of the right charging station. Not required for Wallbox-equipment can complicate the operation and cause malfunction or failure. Therefore, you should give it up and nothing Unnecessary turning to leave.

4. Enough Power in the house

A charging station requires a technical connection application and an installation display at the local electricity provider. This is necessary because, at best, a more powerful supply to the house is needed. The protective measures such as Fuses within the Wallbox, are crucial. Depending on no fuse in the supply line is necessary, making it cheaper.

5. Only professionals to the cable

Allow the Installation of cable and wall box by a professional electrician. This is also be able Wallbox, the cable and the charging equipment of the vehicle perfectly to reach the optimum charging power. In this case, the weakest link in the charging chain decides the maximum charging power.

6. The right time

In any electric car, you can set the charging time. So you can make sure that the battery is only loaded with the cheaper night tariff.

7. A bit of comfort

the Wallbox in a locked or restricted area such as a Garage, is a Station in the fixed-mounted cable, a gain in comfort. However, a charging cable in the trunk belongs to the standard equipment of an electric car. The Wallbox is located in a public place such as a public garage, a free switching device against improper use. Different manufacturers offer associated with an individual electricity billing, what is especially in the case of multi-family homes of any Use.

on the Road charge

Not always the electric car to load at home. Just as quickly as the supply of Streamers increases, increasing the number of public charging stations. Various Apps help drivers of electric cars to find the nearest available charging station. There are Apps such as “eCharge recommended” by TCS, which provide an Overview of all charging stations from different manufacturers. In the TCS-App about 35’000 public charging stations are to be found, several hundred of them, you can even make a reservation. While this feature is rather rare, most of the Apps on information, such as availability, loading speed and rates of each of the pillars.

In case of technical problems at public charging stations, the customer should be contacted service. This can control the charging stations are usually remote, thus, load operations can terminate and charging cable again unlock.