To dispel the myth about the benefits of popular foods in the fight against coronavirus

In recent days, the Russians see a sharp rise in prices for lemons, ginger and garlic. The price tags are rewritten against the backdrop of increased demand for these products, as many people believe the claims that they can help to cope with the new type of coronavirus. However, the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Nikityuk Dmitry believes that this is just a ploy marketers, the real protection from these products can be expected.

According to experts, there is no such product, which could by itself able to protect against infection.

However, the garlic and the lemon and ginger have many biologically active compounds, beneficial to health, said the expert.

“But a panacea, a remedy that is able to resist infection, none of these foods, of course, is not” – quoted “the Russian newspaper” the words of an expert.

Earlier, the Federal Antimonopoly service said that the cost of ginger, lemon and garlic grown in Russia in connection with restrictions on supply from abroad, as well as a short-term increase in demand.

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