To combat coronavirus: who is ready to allocate significant amounts

In China, cases of infection with coronavirus is already more than 28 thousand, 565 people died. But the number of those who recovered, is also growing. Meanwhile, in USA cases of 12. The infection has reached Wisconsin. Five new cases confirmed in South Korea, there are now more than 20 cases.

Cases of a new type of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus in China, and around the world, more and more. Especially in Asia. Japan, Singapore, Thailand – not a complete list of countries where confirmed new cases of infection. In South Korea due to a viral threats, many even refused to travel in the subway.

a Growing number of people infected in the United States. The first case of infection was recorded in Wisconsin. “The patient was placed in a private room. This is a special room with negative pressure, which helps prevent the spread of infection. Health workers who come into that room, dressed only in protective suits, to avoid being infected with virus. We take all possible measures so that the virus is not transmitted to other people,” says Naziya Safdar the medical center of the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Many of the country’s export of its citizens from China and put them on a two-week quarantine. The world health organization continues to monitor the situation and urged to refrain from trips to China. She declares that it is ready to allocate significant amounts to combat coronavirus. The costs outlined a large, but necessary.

“We are launching a strategic plan to support countries in the prevention, detection and diagnosis of further transmission, — says Director General of the world organization of health tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus. We highlight 675 million dollars to Finance this plan for the next three months. A lot of money, but better invesbe interpreted now to protect yourself than to spend even more on elimination of consequences”.

the Chinese Authorities claim that the fight against coronavirus is already at a critical stage. And promise, the prevention measures will end on February 10. Then many people will be able to return to their cities, which were temporarily stopped traffic. The government has ordered that the enterprise began to recover a workflow that was interrupted due to the outbreak of pneumonia. Because the demand for essential goods increases.