Ostend for A group of young techondernemers of Immotef, Chase, creative, have it made, and some of the freelancers, save for the hands to prevent the spread of the new corona virus from entering the system. They have an app developed that allows you to be anonymous you can tell it to everybody you come in contact with that you have a positive test to the virus. The app is almost ready, but still waiting on the approval of the state government.

Oostendenaar Bruce Lybeer to develop Immotef applications in the building and construction industry. He is now working with a variety of young entrepreneurs who have joined forces to find an app that can help you to prevent the spread of the corona virus from entering the system.

a Radius of 2 meters,

“We’re doing this totally pro bono. The idea comes from: Wouter Van Hecke. The purpose of the app, which is a COVID19-ALERT, that is, a person who has a positive test to the virus, it can anonymously report it to anyone and everyone with whom they come in contact with. This notification is done under the watchful eye of a medical professional. The app notifies you whether or not you are in the area it came from an infected person to person. The connection to your app users when they are within a radius of 2 meters,” explains Bruce admitted.

the new technology would be the entrepreneurs and the people especially, to feel safe. “The problem is that a lot of people have already been infected and the virus can pass it without their own symptoms. The use of this technology to ensure the security and safety of the people, and without the citizens ‘freedom to travel be kept to a minimum. People who are informed that they have come into contact with an infected person may already be a preventive to their precautions, and to stay at home, and certainly not people from ‘at risk’ to visit. The attention of persons who may be infected, it will result in a slower and less explosive spread of the corona virus.”

The app is now done, but it’s not yet available in Belgium. “The app store provided by Apple do not let coronagerelateerde applications, and more without the prior approval of the central government. To be a candidate to get in, there will now be discussed with all parties concerned. There are conversations with a virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst, and prime minister, Philippe De Backer (Open Vld). The app will, however, have already been launched in Italy, and there are interviews with, among others, in Poland.”

Bruce works in conjunction with a partnership with Simon De Smet (have it made) and When Deleye, among other things, on the ethical side of the issue. “I have to help them to think about how people will use it. There is also the issue of privacy. People don’t want everyone to know that they are infected with the feline corona virus. The system is completely anonymous. The idea is that medical professionals want to cooperate, and people have suggested to get the app to use if they have been infected.”