Kortenaken is The king of the past few weeks, the trees are in bloom, not a virtue to be done. Fruitboer Being a Tourist from out of Hoeleden was Wednesday, the find that fifty per cent of the appelbloesems to the flags, it is. “Last summer, all of my apples, ‘verhageld”, and now this. It is difficult to escape from,” says William, with a deep sigh.

are at the bottom of that tree that will not grow to be an apple. This is not surprising because they hang closer to the ground. It’s on the ground last week, up to a maximum of 2, and then again to minus 3 degrees for frozen, and this week was even worse,” says Kris. “Monday, however, the temperature dropped down to -4 and -3 degrees celsius during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. The young flowers can take a light frost of -1 degree to be tolerated, however, if the temperature of the deeper sub-zero drops, they are very vulnerable in this phase of the bloom.”