Titan may be very similar to Mars

Titan might be similar to Mars, said lead author of the new study a planetary scientist Brian Jackson of Boise in Idaho. “The atmosphere on Mars is very dusty and this dust plays an important role in affecting the climate,” says Jackson.

According to Jackson, the atmospheric density of Titan is one and a half times the density of the air on our planet, and, it seems, there is no strong gusty winds. Therefore, due to the lack of hurricanes, “dust devils can be one of the main mechanisms of dust transfer on Titan, if they exist,” suggests Jackson.

He and his colleagues created a meteorological model based on data from Titanium 2005 collected by the spacecraft of NASA “Cassini”.

Previous studies have confirmed that the dust moves on the surface of Titanium and it consists of organic materials. In the new study, Jackson’s group discovered that Titan’s surface can be favorable for dust devils conditions. This will help scientists to understand the erosion of a moon of Saturn, and how winds distribute a variety of materials on its surface.

In addition, the researchers came to the conclusion that dust devils on Titan is able to levitate more dust than expected, and therefore there is some other mechanism of dust lifting into the air. Equation or simply incorrect.

To learn more about the Titan mission will allow NASA “Dragonfly”, is scheduled for 2026. It launched to Saturn, the device will land on Titan in 2034.