To charge the battery completely discharged?

there are different statements. Many experts recommend the phone to plug in before the battery level of 20 percent has been reached. And to load it only up to 80 percent. Manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei not to say, however, that the full charge is detrimental to the devices. “For a highly complex battery management System,” says Günter Grossmann, scientists at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology.

Unfavorable, if one connects his cell phone with a high battery level immediately back to the stream. Even if it only loads from 70 to 100 percent can arise for a whole charging cycle. And cell phone batteries are only focused on a certain number of load cycles. “Li-ion batteries should never be completely loaded or unloaded,” said the electronics expert. Therefore, it is a myth that you can renew with this technique, the capacity of the battery, so to speak. “A full charge and full discharge is not a restoration of the original capacity,” says Günter Grossmann, Empa.

by the Way: Before the first use, you do not need to charge the brand new Smartphone absolutely full, this has no influence on the service life.

Is it bad if you leave the phone overnight to the outlet?

Though Smartphones can be damaged. “A built-in electronics that prevents Overcharging of the device with the Original power supply”, means it is about at Samsung. But: Depends on the phone at the electricity, although it already has full Power, through Unloading and Loading, additional cycles emerge. This reduces the service life of the device.

How to charge the battery as gently as possible?

Günter Grossmann recommends charging your battery only to 80 percent and re-insert, if you have reached 30 per cent. “The important thing is that you can not stand at low load a bit short loads or when the battery is full, always reload,” says the expert.

Huawei is recommended to use the Smarphone in each case, up to 30 percent battery charge left. And then load to 100 percent. Also in the case of Samsung, it means that you should download. So the phone no longer than necessary plugged in. Both manufacturers recommend to use only Original chargers.

How many years have my cell phone should keep the battery?

That depends on the use – i.e. the number of load cycles. Modern Lithium-ion batteries are designed to be at least 1000 of such cycles. Huawei says that their devices were approximately 1500 charges. Thereafter, losses are felt in the capacity to.

and the one Who pockets so his cell phone several times each day, might feel after one or one and a half years, a decrease in the battery Power. Who works carefully with the device, you can use two to three years, without any problems.

Shop wireless worse than with the cable?

charge The phone on a charging Mat, is a comfortable, if inefficient, since part of the energy is lost during the Transfer without a cable. On the life that has no influence, the Empa expert.

However, the danger in Store for the wireless that you have to lift the phone up quickly, to write such a message. And then back to the Mat and thereby possibly another charge cycle initiates.

Where can I see how good my battery is still?

The iPhone can be found in the menu item “battery” for information on the state of the battery. There you can see approximately how much percent of the maximum capacity available. In Android this Information is not so easily accessible, it need Free Apps from third-party manufacturers, such as AccuBattery. Note: This type only after a few charging cycles to correct the information. You can set an Alarm, the one about a message sent, if you have charged your mobile phone to 80 percent. And also, what is the cycle of wear and tear if it would charge the Phone immediately.

it is Worth, a bad battery be replaced?

In any case, the lifespan of a device can be double, even in the event of a sale, this is an Argument for a good price. A battery replacement costs, depending on the manufacturer, approximately 60 to 100 francs.

the capacity within the two year warranty period, you should also ask the manufacturer.

do not use The phone in extreme cold or heat. Especially in temperatures above 40 degrees, i.e. directly at the sun, damage to the battery.Many models have a power-saving mode will reduce the power and fuel-intensive Apps in the Background, hung up on, but often the battery life is extended significantly.Both iOS as well as Android accurate statistics are available, which Apps in the Background such as need a lot of energy. This you can close the active when you need them.Also, who turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use, saves power.Otherwise, it may be worthwhile to allow Apps access to services such as Internet or GPS only when they are open. This shall not apply in the Background, unnecessarily wasting energy.Screw the brightness of the display manually and set the off-time of the Screens as short as possible.Also the flight mode is a saving mode, however, it is then also achievable.Also power hogs can be automatic synchronizations, such as with Social Media, but also in the Mail program.