The prices are also increasing sharply at the hairdresser’s. Regardless of whether consumers cut, wash or dye their hair, the services in the hairdressing salon have become more expensive. FOCUS online has asked bargain hunters and says how you can save at the hairdresser.

First months of corona lockdowns, then rising energy prices and now the shortage of skilled workers is coming to a head. Hairdressers look to the future with mixed feelings.

In order to be able to pay for staff, rent, care products and also the increased energy prices, many companies have to raise prices. But this increases the gaps between two appointments with customers. A vicious circle.

“Since the topic of gas price increases has been discussed, customers have reacted,” said Sven Heubel, head of the hairdressers’ guild in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt.

“The intervals between hairdressing appointments are being extended, and certain services, such as dyeing, are sometimes being dispensed with.” The shops are still struggling with the consequences of the corona pandemic anyway. “Even today, sales are 20 percent below the level before Corona,” says Heubel. The energy crisis will exacerbate these losses.

Going to the hairdresser’s is becoming a luxury for low earners. If men got their hair cut for free at cheap chains, you have to pay almost five euros extra for it today. Women, on the other hand, often have to blow dry their hair themselves after the cut. Otherwise, companies demand hefty surcharges for this.

On average, men paid more than 27 euros per visit to the hairdresser. Women even had to pay 66 euros for a freshly cut or dyed head of hair. The price trend is rising. In an interview with the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”, the Saarland state guild for hairdressers and cosmetics warned of dizzying prices in the future.

If high inflation, energy prices and a shortage of skilled workers continue, “there may be a situation in which we speak of 100 euros and more for a simple quality men’s haircut,” reports Mirko Karkowsky, Managing Director of the Saarland State Guild of Hairdressers and Cosmetics.

Consumers have opportunities to save at the hairdresser. In this article we tell you how two drinks can strengthen hair.

FOCUS online has collected letters from the past few months and says how Germany keeps the money together.

Ask for loyalty cards. Smaller companies in particular try to keep customers.

And this is how it works: You receive a customer card that is about the size of a business card. After each visit to the hairdresser, the corresponding field is stamped. After you have collected several stamps, you will receive a free service.

This can be worthwhile if, for example, women only cut the tips and give themselves a new haircut for the free time. Families with children should each use a customer card together, so you can get a free haircut faster.

Vocational training centers, vocational schools and apprentices are always looking for people who are looking for hair models for upcoming exams or photo shoots. Here the cut or the hair color is often free of charge.

At vocational training centers and vocational schools, master hairdressers are often on hand. This reduces the risk of hair loss. An important disadvantage is that such training centers can often only be found in large cities. In rural areas, often only hairdressers can help who also train at the same time.

Head massage, hair cream or styling are additional services that hairdressers offer – and also cost money. If you want to get the end result cheaply, you should concentrate on “washing, cutting, dyeing”.

Bargain hunters’ savings tip: Don’t blow-dry your hair at the hairdresser’s if you don’t need it urgently.

It is also advisable to reduce the intervals between two visits to the hairdresser. Those affected can use the long hair with the classic tricks from the Corona period. For example, it helps to prettify long hair with a simple styling. Curls can be formed, hair tied together or decoratively tucked away with a cloth. Especially with medium-length and long hair, you can do without a cut for a while.

And even with a shorter haircut, styling with wax and gel is often sufficient to give the hairstyle that has grown out some structure. For strong roots and a stand on the first five centimetres, hair experts recommend “root boosters”. This means a group of care products that are added to the roots and plump them up. This makes the entire hairstyle look more voluminous.

What many hairdressers generally advise against: using other coloring products than usual. This can lead to unforeseen reactions of the hair such as discoloration or hair breakage – if not immediately, then at the next appointment with the hairdresser.

If you really want to grab the scissors yourself, you should only use very good scissors. If you want to cut it yourself or ask your partner to do it, you shouldn’t use blunt household or craft scissors. “Even semi-professional scissors squeeze the hair and cause split ends after another week or two.”

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