In the Netherlands, Damen Yachting has completed the world’s first private yacht-icebreaker commissioned by the Russian entrepreneur, founder and shareholder of Tinkoff Bank, Oleg Tinkov. About it reports the edition Yacht Harbour.

the 77-metre vessel La Datcha ice class SeaExplorer was launched in the port city of Vlissingen.

Specifies that the yacht is able to carry out in the open sea up to 40 days without returning to port. This is possible due to improved fuel tanks and the garbage collection system. Also on the yacht include a submarine, two helicopters and snowmobiles. In addition there are two Jacuzzis, a sauna, a massage room and gym. In each of the six cabins located dressing room, toilet and shower or bath.

the Ship is designed to travel on a pole or a tropical island. The yacht is designed for 24 crew members and 12 passengers. “The world is so big and our lives are so short that we should explore as much as possible”, — quotes the edition of words Tinkov.

the Businessman is planning to use the boat for about 20 days in a year, and the rest of the time rent it. Since September, the ship can be rented for € 740,000, will also have to pay a Deposit of 30 percent of rent for unforeseen expenses.

Anna spoke about the desire to build the world’s first private icebreaker in July 2018. In 2019, it was reported that he spent on its construction about $ 100 million.

In June it was reported that Tinkov had COVID-19 in the background of leukemia. In early April, 52-year-old businessman announced his departure as head of Tinkoff Bank. Operational management of the credit organization carries out long-term partner Tinkov Oliver Hughes, the incumbent Chairman of the Board.

Shares of the two companies Tinkov, through which he controls the Bank, are transferred to the family trust, which will preserve the asset for his next of kin.