Among the initiatives a proposal was made and to consider the opening in the Kursk region trading house Belarusian goods. Trade and economic relations of Belarus with Russian regions are actively developing since 2002 when the contract was concluded on cooperation. In the field successfully working “Kursk trading house Belshina, which implements the tires in Belarus. Since the Kursk Belarusian goods enjoy wide popularity, the new sales house will help to bring them closer to the consumer. Here and in the teleconference representatives of the Kursk companies have noticed the following:

– If you compare Belarusian construction and agricultural equipment with foreign counterparts, it is not inferior and sometimes superior to their technical specifications, but significantly lower price.

earlier, the topic of cooperation in Kursk region with Belarus were discussed in the regional administration. Videoconference connection was Kursk, headed by Governor Roman Starovoit, Minsk, Vitebsk, Hrodna and other Belarusian regional centers.

Belarus is our key partner in trade, accounting for 43% of the regional foreign trade turnover, – said Roman Starovoit.

by the Way, the Kursk is based Belarusian quarter to three stokvartirny house has already been commissioned. There is a joint production of bed linen. Curancy have appreciated the Belarusian cosmetics, and in Belarus love our local candy from “Konti-Rus”. In 2019 Kursk oblast supplied to Belarus 70 thousand tons of agricultural products. The total turnover for last year amounted to about $ 150 million.

At a meeting with Kursk Belarusian Ambassador in Russia Vladimir Semashko noted that the trade and economic cooperation have great potential. Outlined new guidelines for our interaction. For example, to the smokers can purchase of the Belarusian equipment with the use of preferential financing schemes and had access to her service.

Kursk APK interested in creating on-site logistics centre (hub) for supplies of Belarusian potash and nitrogen fertilizers, as well as the participation of Belarusian design and construction organizations in the implementation of reclamation programs. There is interest in increasing supplies of Belarusian planting material and extension of cooperation in the field of livestock breeding.

a More specific question on creation in the Kursk region of the trading house of the Belarusian goods will be discussed in September in Minsk at the VII Forum of regions.