that’s what we said.

Valeria Podgornova, screenwriter:

– In our family, little has changed, I’m working as usual. The kids are learning. Only the husband misses the job. We have a treadmill, all running on it at a time, and breathe fresh air out on the loggia.

I used the, how many years did not reach the hands: learn the rules of the road. When the quarantine is over, you will pass the exam on the right.

Dmitry pan writer:

– Write two essays. One is about the book “box of matches” Baikal artist, novelist and poet Yuri izvekova. More about the book of essays “the Hope” Yaroslavl writer Oleg Konosova. The normal home mode. I did not even pay attention to innovation. Abstract from the book izvekova calling the police through a megaphone mounted on patrol cars, to buy food for people venerable age, he remembered his Macho Mauco. Went out to the store for pate, and anchovies.

Alexander Sholokhov, MP, grandson of Mikhail Sholokhov:

– Need to try in any situation to see new opportunities. If you talk about yourself, the time in isolation is very rich. During the working day a lot of things that can be performed remotely. More time can be devoted to the Museum. Because the isolation allows during the day to switch to a variety of cases, the house has practically nothing to do. Read, study English, train. Rejoice with the wife to have time together, we ring round parents and children. Communicate through networks and by telephone with colleagues and friends. In the current situation at all, it seems, should be enough time, but not too much remains. But, of course, very much that this period is over soon and with minimal losses. So we came out from their homes, embraced and engaged in the implementation of those plans which will build these days.

Igor Skikevich, wheelchair, traveller, paraliminal:

– I must say that I am not in isolation, and in isolation. It’s not for me to be in some more isolation. Bored I absolutely have no time. Sleep for 5 hours a day. In the morning and before bedtime, one hour psychological training – auditory training. Then physical workouts to 2 hours a day. Two times in 15 minute rehearsal on the piano. In the intervals of the vertical 5-minute workout on the Walker. Throughout March to develop a project on adaptive tourism, want to fall to send him to the presidential grant.

Perfecting a new method of paralleism. Study a lot of different nuances that will need to work out when climbing or on the rocks in a wheelchair.

Still preparing for the expedition which is planned in November this year at the pole of Inaccessibility in Antarctica. You need to very carefully prepare not only themselves, but also tAgnico where I will move. Now is is developing a tracked mini-unit. Along the way, he studied astronomy and in love with her since childhood.

Elena city, freelancer:

– there was a time for my grandmother’s old recipes: it became oven pies. And finally, there was time for reading fiction. Now re-read “novel-newspaper” for 2019 – writer Alexander Kupriyanov, one of my favorite authors.

Ruslan off-road, a traveler in a homemade house on wheels:

I remain in your house on wheels. The journey continues the tenth month, has traveled to 43 of the region of 85. Mode isolation caught up with me in Kabardino-Balkaria. Got to joke with his friend dog in Chegem gorge.

Nowhere to go, not removable, hundred-meter area for me is also the law. But unlike the apartment, in my cabin two square meters. But there is a machine, a tool is all, and not to stand idly by, ordered parts for the car and poking around in it. Never repaired. But there is the Internet, though inferior, learn how to repair. Changed the whole suspension. My solution is to occupy yourself with something to do.

Igor Mironenko, inventor:

– I have long been in isolation. And in deep, because seriously ill. Friends gave me an old drum. I want to build him a coffee table. I have long wanted to record his song, but Studio access is closed. And my friend who teaches music to children, teaches them via Skype. But nothing, I bought the paint (it is cheaper) and I will paint the fence.

Alexander Pod, playwright, theatre worker:

My self – isolation to a greater extent takes place outside the city, so the perimeter, to loiter, there’s more. However, the matter itself I found. Started a new play. COVID-19 forced to change the angle of view on the world. To live in the old way, no one will. Literature in this plan will receive a new impetus. So my aim is to see a new hero, standing at the threshold, but still behind closed doors. To sum up: writing a play about the creation of the new world.

Anton Timchenko, the hero-artist, decorating the house Taganrog portraits of famous countrymen:

– played sports, watched TV shows, doing repairs, painting, but mostly still kept on working.

Alexey Bilow, the analyst:

– Used this time in order to treat the cardiovascular system, with already many years of problems (had a heart attack in 2010). In principle, and now on sick leave, although the situation has improved significantly.

Alexander Lipkovich, biologist:

a Good the answer will be. I stole field season. The epidemiology is not relevant. And all under the guise of caring for us. And you need good material about as nice and helpful in “isolation”? It’s not me.

Natalia, realtor:

I draw online for workshops. ‘ve already written about 45 of the paintings.