Time posted on the cover the image of the leader of China medical mask

the Image of China’s President XI Jinping in a medical mask placed on the cover of the next issue of the American magazine Time.

the mask with the designated theme rooms dedicated to the spread of the coronavirus and its consequences for China.

At the same time in “Twitter” magazine announced, apparently, the main conclusion – that the coronavirus can destroy the dream, XI Jinping, “a century of China”.

TIME’s new cover: The coronavirus outbreak could derail Xi Jinping”s dreams of a Chinese century https://t.co/f7CaZ74iv4 pic.twitter.com/sd7UOSyL8Q

— TIME (@TIME) February 6, 2020

2019 Coronavirus-nCoV in China has already claimed 560 lives, the number of cases exceeded 28 thousand people. There are cases in other countries.