at The tender age of 16 years, Christoph “Chris” Watrin (30) was with the boy band US5 for the pop star: “Maria” landed the Casting Band a Hit and celebrated up to the 2009 international successes. For Watrin, 2008, the circuit was already – he went voluntarily because he had the life as a teen star to very. Now he tells in detail how much the Popkarriere loaded.

“heck of anxiety and panic disorders”

Watrin was slipped in 2005 in the “Show and entertainment world”. “It was, of course, the whole time to the exterior, and I also had rooted my security in my appearance,” he says to “picture”. He recalls: “I had an inner Emptiness and brokenness, when I went to US5. Just then, the floor is broken through completely. I had a pretty gnarly depression and anxiety – and panic disorder – actually, I had a whole Bouquet of diagnoses. I couldn’t eat and there was also a time when it was very, very dark …”

He was several times left in a hospital

After the tape, he was several times in a clinic. “If you have two years, every day as a psychic Terror that you want actually, just that the day is over again, it makes you ready,” says Watrin.

He had moved back in with his parents, could not make more self something to eat. He thought, apparently, about to end his life: “I was like a child again. I can understand people who think that they would have peace, if they would die. I thought to myself, this was my life is over and everything is hopeless. I couldn’t have done it, so I’ve been multiple times in the clinic,” he says.

Today, the singer is back full of life and joy and power of music: The Ex-boy band Star is studying music education in his home town of Cologne and has his own music group. With his former band colleagues he’s still in contact: “I write to or talk on the phone with each on a regular basis, in addition to Mykel. Izzy, Richie and Jay are like brothers to me. The whole number with US5 us know real. It lasted just long, until we had processed what had happened there actually.” (kad)

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