the Queue at the St. Petersburg parks in past seasons was one of the most discussed topics among tourists. For example, to see the fountains of the Lower Park of Peterhof, even in the rainy working day need to stand in line at least an hour. And the waiting time to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo and is often stretched on for four hours.

to avoid crowds at the entrance, the Museum-reserve “Peterhof” has closed the cash register. Tickets can now be bought online on the official website. The “Peterhof” to the tickets the most stringent requirements. When buying, you need to specify not only the date of my visit, but the time, for example, 10.00 or 12.00. The ticket is valid for two hours, that is, if a visitor bought a ticket for 12.00, and arrived at 15.00, in the Park it is not allowed.

it is Worth noting that in the reserve “Peterhof” is not only the famous Lower Park with fountains, but also parks “Alexandrino” and “Oranienbaum”. There is a queue, too, there were, however, not such as the fountains.

the Museum-reserve “Peterhof” before actively selling tickets online. But the big demand among Russians, they did not use. The fact that the full price of the ticket to the Lower Park is 1000 rubles, and the citizens of Russia and Belarus are on discount tickets, their price – 450 rubles. So, before using the website, the Museum was only sold a thousand tickets, respectively, Russians and Belarusians, as a rule, do not see sense to overpay and stood in the queue.

this season In distance selling there tickets for 450 rubles, you can also place an online free ticket, for example, for a child under 16 years of age. However, you’ll have to enter personal data, and the entrance to the Museum is on the passport or other identity document.

Personal flights in the last year introduced in Tsarskoye Selo, however, they concern all the same Catherine Palace. The Palace itself is closed, you can only get in the beautiful Catherine Park. In Tsarskoye Selo Park tickets are sold both online and offline, and you can purchase a ticket with an open date to October 18. For those who bought online tickets in advance, at the entrance to the Park install signs with a QR code they are lead to the site selling tickets. If the visitor is determined to buy a ticket at the cashier, then he is asked to pay by credit card.

the Museum-reserve “Pavlovsk” tickets are sold at the box office and on the website. To avoid speculation, the site has imposed a limit: when a single transaction can purchase up to four tickets. Adjusted rules free of charge. For example, in Pavlovsk in past years, from 19:00 to 23:00 in the Park you can get free cash just closed. The right of free passage was mainly used by the inhabitants of Pavlovsk, for them, this Park is the main center of attraction. Often for closure Cass came and Petersburg residents who want to save money (by the way, the Park ticket for an adult costs $ 100).

this season, the ticket offices will close at 21:00. In the Museum-reserve explain it all the same desire to avoid the crowds. However, residents of Pavlovsk innovation is not particularly happy with, a in past years, the Park went out every evening after work, and with the current rules it will be difficult.

the Change in mode has occurred and in Peterhof. The early inhabitants of the city could get into the parks for free, it was enough to show the passport with a residence permit. This season’s free entry for them to lift. In the Museum-reserve explain this as a desire to avoid the crowds and the difficult financial situation, which was complex due to months of inactivity. In past years parks Museum-reserve “Peterhof” worked until 20:00 this season working time reduced by one hour.

And in the Catherine Park in Tsarskoye Selo schedule has not changed, the Park, as in previous years, it will be closed at 23:00.

In all gardening visitors must wear masks, gloves and observe social distance.

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