An 83-year-old man from Erfurt is 100,000 euros poorer after a telephone conversation – because a stranger on the other end of the line pretended to be a bank employee.

A man (83) from Erfurt lost 100,000 euros. A telephone scammer called him and pretended to be a bank employee, according to the Thuringian police. 

The fraudster claimed that there were irregularities in the 83-year-old’s account. The police statement said: “During the course of the conversation, the perpetrator got the 83-year-old to give him access to his account. The fraudster subsequently made several transfers.” 

Telephone fraud can take many forms – because the person on the other end of the line does not always pretend to be a bank employee. As the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland writes, there are, for example, the grandchild trick and shock calls. Fraudsters also pose as police officers. Perpetrators can use a special technique that causes the number 110 or another local number to appear on the phone display.