These contributions were met with a SIGHT-readers mad! On the Instagram account of a teacher from the Canton of Thurgau photos emerge, showing a student in Detention. The teacher writes: “a regular customer no. 1”. On another picture she makes on the progress of the criminal work is funny and a third is that the test shows a response of a student, a sarcastic Emoji.

“is something under all Pig”, … the reader reporter. Pictures from the classes would look in the social media. In addition, the students would be just. The teacher published the image as a Instagram Story, so as a contribution, and will be deleted after 24 hours. Your profile is set to private and therefore not for everyone accessible, however the woman has more than 1200 Followers. Each of them has access to your posts and also on what you published from the lessons.

“We have set ourselves immediately to the parents”

takes The headmaster of the concerned primary school opposite VIEW: “We are of the opinion that such images do not belong in Public.” The teacher had been instructed to delete all the pictures from the lessons and of pupils. In the future, you should not these type of photos to post. In addition, this issue will be discussed at different levels at the school, and other measures derived from it.

“We have set ourselves immediately to the parents, you, the images shown to us for this mishap, sorry.” The affected teacher regret the incident very, shall notify the school Board. At the same time you want to emphasize, however, that the class teacher is a very dedicated teacher. (bra)