Only in case of emergency, to the doctor. For 800 children in the Canton of Thurgau, which is currently a reality. Because the parents have not paid the health insurance premiums, the children stand on a Black list (VIEW reported). The Federal Council criticises the heartless policy of The Canton of Thurgau is contrary to the UN Convention on children’s rights. This States that in all actions concerning children, the Child must come first and not the Canton of cash.

However, the government of Thurgau does not care. She holds on to the controversial measure. “Because if the parents do not pay the premiums, they neglect the children, not of the Canton.” Thanks to the list of Thurgau could help the children better, says the financial chief Jakob Stark (61, SVP). The municipalities would take with defaulting of premiums payers contact and individual supervision.

“An indictment”

The Edith Graf-Litscher (55) looks quite different: “This is an indictment of the Canton of Thurgau!”, the SP-national councillor enerviert of. She was reached in this matter to the Federal Council. “I would have expected that the government of the clear announcement of the state government follows and the children of the list sweeps.”

The Canton of Thurgau actions now threaten. Because the Federal Council is clear: Concerned could go to court and the Convention on children’s rights relate. Councillor Strong said, however, he had no fear of lawsuits: “I would be Concerned to pay for with the money of the premiums, than to go to court.”

pediatricians are in the “quandary”

The Thurgau cantonal government takes the position that the premium subsidies were not sufficient in the Canton, to pay the entire premium for the children. It ended up so only those on the list that do not want to pay.

one way or the other, the children of doctors are stuck in somewhat of a bind. They act strictly according to law, of the suffering of the children – no matter it the parents or the cantonal government debt. When Doctors have a heart and the Emergency going to be a bit far to interpret, can lead to the health insurance institutions refuse to cover the costs. “Then the Doctors remain on these costs sit,” must be Strong to give.

SP-national Council wants a Federal solution for

Graf-Litscher now hopes that the Parliament of the Canton is again active. Last June, he rejected a Motion almost wanted to delete children. “By the rebuke of the Swiss Federal Council has changed the situation however.”

On a national level SP-national councillor Angelo Barrile (43) is now active. He does not want to achieve this with a Motion, that the kids get on the Black list.