On July 28, a downpour, thunderstorm and hail, as well as squally wind are expected in Moscow. According to forecasters, wind gusts can reach 20 meters per second.

Citizens should observe security measures and limit their stay on the street. It is recommended to bypass the supports of power lines, not to hide under trees and shaky structures. At home, you need to turn off all electrical appliances. Motorists are asked to be more careful on the roads, observe the speed limit and avoid sudden maneuvers.

Water accumulations on roads and in courtyards can be reported by phone: +7 495 657-87-03. If the underpass is flooded, then complaints are taken to the GBU “Gormost” by phone: +7 495 632-58-46. You can also contact the district council, the prefecture of the district, the portal “Our City” and the unified dispatch center by phone: +7 495 539-53-53.

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