Faulty launch vehicles, "proton-M" was returned from Baikonur to Moscow for repair. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the "Roskosmos".

It is known that the missiles were previously discovered defective parts 2015-2016 production.

"All the boosters "proton-M", which at Baikonur was identified defects are factory in Moscow," confirmed "Roskosmos".

In this case, one of the three missiles already passed a set of repair activities. She was sent back to Baikonur. According to the press service, the repaired rocket was successfully launched telecommunications satellites "Express 80" and "Express-103".

Earlier the launch of the "proton-M" has been postponed due to additional checks. Thus the reason for inspections was not disclosed.

Later the launch was held. It was reported that this flight will become the longest in history "Proton".