Three people were killed after show with dry ice

the mishap occurred on Friday evening, February 28, at the club “the Ninth wave” in the Kolomna travel. There was a birthday party popular Instaблогер Ekaterina Didenko, famous among millions of his followers as “Pharmacy Revizorro”. In the sauna her guests brought dry ice – solid carbon dioxide. Her husband, Valentin, was a chemist, a lover and even he was producing this substance, it has mention in the blog itself Didenko.

Photo: Deaths from dry ice came in the video

Dry ice is often used in the food industry and at the household level in various shows and experiments, and even among the young audience. When released into the water powerfully produces gas and creates a fog effect. Judging by the numerous advertisements in the Network, the dry ice is freely available. One of the companies that sell them, the correspondent “RG” warned of the need to observe safety precautions when working with the substance. Important-protect your hands with gloves. The temperature of dry ice is minus 78.5 degrees, so they can pretty much get burned. Otherwise stated in the instructions, there is no danger the substance poses, it is not toxic.

the Company of “the Ninth shaft” all this certainly knew. As seen on footage recorded by participants of the festival to social networks before the show the children put on protective suits. They did not consider, it seems, one: effects of accumulation of carbon dioxide in a small room. Ice makers note that in cases of poisoning by carbonic acid develops weakness, dizziness appears. That is, according to one of the main versions, and this has happened to members of your party. In minutes they lost consciousness, in fact, drowned in the pool. The arrived physicians verified death of two invited. Husband of Catherine Dawestwili to the hospital, she even posted Instagram-live at the door of the intensive care unit, where it is not allowed. Doctors several hours fighting for the life of Valentine, but he died. Catherine is reported to your subscribers about all of this, for which he was criticized. She was accused of misconduct and openly trolls, though most followers expressed condolences.

As reported by GSU SK across Moscow, a criminal case was opened under article 109 of the criminal code – “Causing death by imprudence”. Investigators have already interviewed witnesses and employees of the bath complex. With Catherine Didenko, according to her, took a subscription about nondisclosure of details of the tragedy.

Story of Catherine Didenko shocked the Network. Every day she added to 100 thousand subscribers. Photo: didenko.katerina@instagramМнение

David Ioseliani, academician of RAS, honorary Director of the Center of interventional Cardioangiology:

– there was a tragedy. Several people were killed. Young, who was ahead of the whole life plans, hopes… First of all I want to Express my deepest sympathy to the bereaved parents and all relatives, friends. Their grief immensely. But at the same time of this horrible, ridiculous death is suggestive.

We live in the age of the triumph of information technology. Young (and not only young!) people are increasingly getting information about the world, about events and trends in world politics, in culture, in fashion not with “blue screens of television,” and from the Internet. Including blogs popular characters. Some of these bloggers is very famous. Someone famous, as they say, in narrow circles. But regardless of the number of their readers, they gain immense credibility and are a kind of benchmark, which tend to look like hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of so-called followers. That is, people who are watching the lives of their favorite bloggers and imitating them in everything.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Forbes named the richest bloggers Instagram

of Course, you can argue about how reasonable and justifiable the blind imitation of idols. But other worries. Remember the words of Saint-exupéry about the responsibility to those whom you have tamed? Bloggers, like others, is not afraid of big words, molders of minds, especially today’s youth, whether it be singers, actors, athletes, authors, all performances, must understand that they are responsible for their “fans”. You want to jump in the pool with ice? Or jump headfirst from the roof of a skyscraper? Or raft the waterfall? Do it yourself, but do not provoke others to imitation! There may be gullible people (and among young, inexperienced, often insufficiently educated guys such much!), that goes for you, never thinking about the consequences. All the more terrible when, as happened yesterday in Moscow, the blogger claims to any knowledge whether in medicine or in pharmacy (the area is close enough to medicine). There’s the likelihood that he will trust increases dramatically. And the result may be most disastrous, unpredictable, tragic.

once again I Express my condolences to the families who lost their children. And I wish for other children it was a bitter but useful lesson and a warning.

Prepared by Irina Krasnopolskaya


Evgeny Vodolazkin, author:

– I Have no right to condemn what happened in a particular person, but I would like to say about the issue. If dry ice was thrown into the pool for the sake of a show-effect that you can show and tell in the Internet in order to get a million likes, that is, of course, the horror of our time. And it is primarily in the fact that there are people who absolutely dependent from the public opinion and ready to do anything for him. I just heard the news: in St. Petersburg, some guy climbed on a subway car and danced on his roof just to hypnoti. This, of course, wild things.

Photo: a screenshot Video: the selfie lover dropped the smartphone under the wheels of the car

All this jumping from bridges and hanging on cranes just for the sake of a selfie and posting it on the Internet a million copies in addition to threats of physical death carry the danger of spiritual death. The man who depends entirely on the opinions of the Internet community in General from the opinion of others, ceases to be a person. Public opinion is a reliable Marina and the Marina at all. This is not something that can be approached, because it is formed spontaneously, changing, and often unkind. And when one is completely attached to him, then starts its destruction as a person. The problem here is not in the Network. The network is only a tool, a magnifying glass that made the problem visible and highlighted. Of course, in any society, people in varying degrees dependent on public opinion, but such a scale as it is now, is not reached. If the person giving the news, and my reaction to it occurs instantaneously, within seconds, it becomes highly visible. The tragedy with dry ice, too, became so. But, in my opinion, the situation nerazvijena. Because when something comes to the extent of absurdity, the society receives the vaccine and refuses to do so. It seems to me that in the field chasing all sorts of effects for the sake of hype at some point, come some sobering. People will understand that there are things that should not do. I think when the use of gunpowder was introduced, many tried to experiment, but then I realized that this material is not for public use and generally it is better to stay away from him. We now have to be careful with new inventions, but I think that’s tragic or just Malatiny of stories over and over again, gaining millions of likes in the Internet, after all, will lead to disillusionment. I can only sympathize and Express their condolences to all the victims and families of the victims. This is a terrible misfortune, and God forbid survive.

Prepared by Elena Yakovleva