A 60-year-old arranges to meet a young man via a messenger service. But the meeting doesn’t end well.

Four unknown men robbed a 60-year-old man in Limburg on Saturday night and sprayed pepper spray in his face.

They also threatened him with what appeared to be a pistol, the police said. The 60-year-old had arranged to meet a young man via a messenger service. The police did not provide any information about the reason for the meeting. Both of them have no personal relationship.

During the conversation, a car drove up and three masked men jumped out. They sprayed pepper spray in the man’s face and forced him to get in.

In the car, they held what was supposed to be a gun to his neck, robbed him and forced him to hand over the PINs for his debit cards, it was said. They then searched the victim’s car and stole several valuables. The young man who had arranged to meet the 60-year-old was apparently in the know.

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