The term “three-chamber pillow” means little to most of us at first. If you regularly wake up on your flat pillow case or a hopelessly crumpled ball of feathers, read on! A pillow with three chambers could be a surprising discovery for you: the filling stays where you need it! We will tell you how the system works and what the three chambers in the pillow have to do with your triple well-being.

If you think about the term three-chamber pillow, you might imagine a pillow with three separate chambers. That is basically correct. However, the inner chambers are not arranged next to each other, but on top of each other in the pillow. This prevents the complete filling from shifting to one side during sleep. The pillow stays in shape all night thanks to the clever three-part division on the inside and ensures a pleasant, soothing feeling when lying down and automatically more restful sleep, even during restless sleep.

The filling in the individual areas of the pillow, which is made up of three chambers, is actually exciting. The filling material is usually different, but follows a basic principle. The old saying “hard shell, soft core” is reversed with the three-chamber pillow to “soft shell, hard core.” The two outer chambers are actually usually quite loosely filled with soft down and/or feathers or cashmere. The middle chamber of the three-chamber pillow, on the other hand, contains more densely compressed down or firmer filling material. Thanks to the compact inner core, the pillow reliably supports your cervical spine. The softly filled outer chambers ensure the cozy cuddly effect of many three-chamber pillows. Some of the three-layer pillows even have a real neck support pillow with a solid foam core in the middle. In any case, the soft outer chambers create a wonderful feel-good effect without losing the ergonomically correct position of the cervical spine.

If you’re one of those people who wake up to find their pillow completely changed, you probably can now answer your own question. Either you don’t need a pillow at all because you sleep on your stomach anyway and prefer to sleep completely flat, or a three-chamber pillow actually offers you more relaxation and sleeping comfort. Because the pillow stays in its original shape even during wild dreams and intensive night-time stress, you can enjoy the ergonomic support function for your spine until the morning. If you regularly sweat heavily at night, a three-chamber pillow with loose feather and down filling in the outer chambers could provide a much more comfortable sleeping experience. The breathable materials of the outer filling absorb moisture and you sleep dry and comfortably relaxed all night long.

federiko uses natural, renewable and degradable raw materials for its products. The federiko pillow is therefore 100 percent biodegradable – which means it can be easily composted after the recommended replacement period of three years on average.

If you suffer from your pillow losing shape while you sleep, a sturdy, supportive pillow with three distinct zones is definitely a good alternative. If your conventional pillow is too firm and uncomfortable for you, you will definitely love the pleasant snuggling factor of the three-chamber pillow. Of course, a three-chamber pillow is also ideal as a supportive relaxation pillow on the sofa or when reading on the couch. Anyone who is already having neck problems will love the comfortable mix of cozy softness and ergonomic support and can do a lot for health and well-being every night.

Good question! Three-chamber pillows are available in a wide variety of material mixtures. The optimal mix of natural fibers, feathers or down has a lot to do with your favorite sleeping position. Depending on your sleep type, you will feel particularly comfortable with a different pillow. With the three-chamber pillows, you will also find slightly higher side sleeper pillows, flatter back and stomach sleeper pillows or neck support pillows, which will prepare you for gentle relaxation while reading in the evening. Which filling and how much of it is in the individual chambers determines your individual sleep feeling. If the two outer chambers are filled differently, you can even try which side you prefer when sleeping and which you find more comfortable for reading.

We don’t want to exaggerate. Even normal pillows can be perfect for you. Anyone who sleeps peacefully or finds a slightly supportive pillow comfortable will often be happy with it! If you like to sleep extra soft, but regularly and hopelessly rumple up your pillow and wake up in the morning exhausted, a three-chamber pillow is definitely worth trying! Incidentally, the three-chamber pillow is not just about the composition of the different fillings. The material of the fabric also plays a role in your restful sleep on the pillow! Breathable cotton fabrics that absorb moisture contribute significantly to the perfect pillow feeling. You might be interested to know that you can safely wash many three-compartment pillows in the washing machine! So triple well-being after all? Somehow yes: Hygienic cleanliness, soft comfort and support are the best prerequisites for health, security and joie de vivre!

federiko uses natural, renewable and degradable raw materials for its products. The federiko pillow is therefore 100 percent biodegradable – which means it can be easily composted after the recommended replacement period of three years on average.

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