the Police have the whole afternoon has been a massive present out of a villa on Svendborgvej in the Rings on the island of Fyn.

“There is a barrier around the house, about 18 cops in full riot gear, lægeambulance, ambulance, many patrol cars and dogs,” it said earlier in the afternoon from the B. T.’s employee on site.

the Drama, which has taken place on Svendborgvej, and which lasted through more than three hours, turns out to be due to a mentally ill, schizophrenic 35-year-old man, who, for a period not taken his medication.

Therefore he rebuked his nearest, his own mother, whom he lives with.

It tells precisely his mother to the B. T. s man on the spot.

“It happens sometimes, when a mentally ill person does not take his medication, as he knows not really what he does,” she says.

She seems relieved and takes it despite the latest hour of the drama is quite quiet. In any event the action.

Through the afternoon, there has been cordoned off a larger area of Svendborgvej almost 200 meters out of the house.

You have asked drivers to find another way through the city, and all residents within the barrier was at one point asked to go within doors.

“the Police have also just sent a drone up, that circulates over the house,” said the former from B. T.’s employee on site.

Vagtchef at Funen Police, Steen Nyland, told the former to B. T., that the police have chosen to meet the massive up partly to protect the person and the police itself and the people who live in the surrounding houses.

There are no injuries.

“I looked down at Nannasvej, where there is also off-limits – there are also cops with machine guns,” said B. T.’s staff member on a side road to Svendborgvej.

One of the nearest neighbors told late in the afternoon, to one of the senior police officers repeatedly tried to get the man who lives inside that villa, they had surrounded, out.

“At a time they shouted that he should put himself in the middle of the house,” says the neighbor.

The many kampklædte cops, all of whom have worn automatvåben amounted to a massively large indtrængningshold, has been out of the house for hours.

“They show enough patience,” as one of the neighbours, at a time noted.

At 17.40 was the patience, however, exhausted. Or, closer, the time is ripe, assessed the effort the leader.

“Police!”, it sounded in kommandotone, which indtrængningsholdet moved into through the front door.

After ten minutes came the large corps of kampklædte cops out with the 35-year-old man, whom they placed in one of the many patrol cars.

After being attended to by a doctor, they drove away with him shortly before at 18 o’clock.