– I was contacted about a year ago by a chinese e-mail address that I first thought that was just spam, so I let it just lie, say Tromsø-athlete to NRK.

But then I got a couple-three mails from the same address. Then I started to check a little what this was, and when was it signed with the CCTV.

CCTV is China’s answer on national tv. In november spent a chinese reportasjeteam a week in Norway to make a documentary about Blame.

They followed the Blame during the NM in the Midtstubakken, and they were both to Trondheim and to his hometown of Tromsø.

Previously this week, the result was shown on TV in China. These documentaries of 25 minutes, as the application of Blame is a part of, be seen normally by over 400 million chinese people.

POSTERBOY: This poster uses CCTV in the marketing of the Blame-the documentary.

Photo: CCTV / CCTV Build-up to the OLYMPICS in 2022

the Documentary is part of the series “Winter Sports Roadmap”, which is a kind of build-up to 2022, when Beijing will be host for the OLYMPIC games.

Blame is in very good company. The same channel has previously made a dokumentarserie about large profiles as Lionel Messi and Andrea Pirlo.

the 24-year-old is humble in the project he has been involved in.

– It is cool to see what they have been producing in the past. That they now produce such a cool series where I get to be with, is very stylish, ” he says.

– Difficult to determine the value

the Documentary takes as its starting point familiehistorien to Blame.

the OLYMPIC games-SILVER: Performance of Blame during the OLYMPIC games in Pyeongchang was the reason that the Norwegian was chosen.

Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters

the older brother Daniel was in his time a skilled athlete. He competed in the world cup from 2001 to 2006, but never got out all his potential.

Little brother Johann has surpassed his brother’s achievements. In particular, his individual silver medal and laggull during the OLYMPICS in Pyeongchang has been decisive for the choice of licence that profile.

the Value of having been exposed for several hundred million chinese is, however, difficult to determine, according to Harry Arne Solberg, professor at NTNU bi Norwegian School of management.

– It is important that the viewers have to identify with the they look. Had it been a chinese had it been easier to say something about the value. When it is a doe, so it is hard to say, ” explains Solberg.

Blame is unsure whether he is now likely to be seen on the streets in China under the toys though scarce two years.

– We get well see if they manage to remember the episode where when we have come so far. I’m looking very much forward to it, and I hope to compete in the next OLYMPICS also.