the Accident happened when vogntoget to Thomas Elverum crashed with a passenger car on E6 in Drivdalen south of Oppdal in 2012.

Now he shall send the case to the Gjenopptakelseskommisjonen, because he claims himself innocent convicted.

Elverum and his supporters believe it was made a number of objectionable things in the right:

the Norwegian public roads administration put forward the measurements of the ulykkesveien in the court of appeal which later turned out to be the wrong One technical error on the vogntoget was dismissed with the wrong evidence in court Important reports were not presented in court

In an e-mail to NRK writes the Norwegian public roads administration that the case is processed in the legal system.

“It is the Commission for the resumption of criminal proceedings that are considering whether there is new information that makes that the case eventually will be tried to the court on the new,” writes public roads administration.

Vogntoget covered the whole of the road

It was nullføre and smooth the morning of Friday 24. February in 2012. In a large lorry was Thomas Elverum, norway on the way from Dombås, northwards to Trondheim.

In the oncoming lane came a car with four passengers.

So, it happened fatal. When Elverum was on the way up a gentle hill, he saw in the exterior mirror that the trailer was skidding. He lost control, and eventually covered semitraileren the entire road.

the car had no opportunity to avoid the collision. The front of the passenger seat sat a 25-year-old woman. She died instantly.

DRIVDALEN: the Accident happened on the E6 in Drivdalen, south of Oppdal in Trøndelag.

Photo: Klara Skovro Thoresen / NRK – A true nightmare

the Prosecution wrote in the indictment that Elverum had run for the fort, and thus gained skidding on vogntoget.

He was sentenced to prison for six months, the loss of førerretten forever and to pay a compensation of 750.000 nok.

After the last round in the court of appeal felt Thomas Elverum that substantial evidence should come forward in court, did not.

It was a true nightmare. I had never imagined that it would be on the way, he shares eight years after the accident.

Disagree about the pace

In addition to emergency services, jerked trafikkulykkesgruppa to the Norwegian public roads administration out to investigate and document the scene of the accident together with the police. In the report they stated that the speed Elverum had, normally would not lead to a skid.

the Question is what did that Elverum first got skid. For as skrensen was a fact, there was little he as a driver could do, ” says civil engineer and researcher in the fields of traffic engineering at NTNU, Arvid Aakre.

Aakre was brought in as an expert in the trial against Elverum. He believed that it probably was not high speeds alone that did that vogntoget swerved.

However, the high-speed conclusion when the court of appeal pronounced its judgment.

Support from the South

On another edge of the country put a handful of persons from various professionals with a passion for bremseproblematikk on tungbiler.

One of them was Helge Andersen, with over 25 years of experience in the Norwegian public roads administration. Also he was brought in as an expert in the trial.

SUPPORTS ELVERUM, norway: Helge Andersen has extensive experience with tungbiler. Here, he shows what happens when there is a power failure between the trailer and the tractor of an articulated truck.

Photo: Tom-Richard Hanssen Olsen / NRK

Andersen had been involved in a series of accidents that looked like Elverums. He then quickly a context.

It has been quite a strong expertise in the matter and said that speed is not the cause itself, there must be other errors here, ” he says.

Andersen and the rest of the gang on the South coast believes they can prove that a technical glitch on the cable, between the truck and the trailer on the vogntoget to Elverum, alone can explain the accident.

These people form a support group for Elverum.

CONTACT: such A cable is connected between the tractor and the trailer, and the two parts can send and perceive signals between each other. When a power failure does not have the tractor and the trailer connector.

Photo: Tom-Richard Hanssen Olsen / NRK Claims it was not a technical error

Between the tractor and the trailer to put a cable into seven small sticks on each side. According to Andersen were two of the on the trailer side squeezed into. It was, therefore, contact failure may result between the trailer and the tractor.

But in ulykkesrapporten wrote the Norwegian public roads administration that it was not “technical deficiencies in some of the vehicles that have a contributory factor or direct cause of the accident occurred”.

at the same time, in a letter to the prosecutor, wrote the public roads administration that they have not checked the connector on the trailer side, the only connector on the tractor.

How can you conclude that it was not some technical error on the vogntoget, when you actually don’t have controlled it, ask Andersen rhetorically.

– Makes vogntoget to a monster,

Datahjernen to vogntoget, which can be compared with the black box in a plane, shows something else. Printing from datahjernen tells about 134 power failure between the tractor and trailer on vogntoget to Elverum.

Without power, speak not the tractor and the trailer together. The brakes will automatically be on for full. Andersen says kontaktfeilen makes the hanger turn out without the driver necessarily get any notification. Vogntoget is dangerous.

Each and every one of the strømfeilene do vogntoget to a monster – regardless of who is running it, and the cause. It is so complicated that a driver not only can take a security check around the car to discover this, ” says Andersen.

the Theory that the power outage triggered the skrensen will have the support of the expert Arvid Aakre.

There may be conditions on the road that have been with and done it here. There may also be technical aspects of the car, and then the combination tractor and trailer, ” says Aakre.

TRAFIKKTEKNISK EXPERTISE: Arvid Aakre is engineer and researcher in the fields of traffic engineering at NTNU, and has been an expert in a number of court cases that deal with accidents.

Photo: Klara Skovro Thoresen / NRK brake System out of control

In addition, Elverum and the gang on the South coast that the new information about hjelpebremsesystemet on the truck may help to explain the accident.

They have found out that every tenth time the vehicle retarder, a hjelpebremsesystem, is used, so leaving the bremsingen to the car’s own brake system.

In the Elverums case there was a brake system that was out of control due to a power failure between the tractor and the trailer.

It will according to them further explain why the trailer overbremset and got the skid.

A turn he never was in the

In the courtroom tells the State vegvesens experts about the bend they mean Elverums wagon trains began to skrense.

But when Andersen and støttegruppa later examines the scene of the accident, they find no turn the goals of the public roads administration used. They believe skrensen started in a significant slakere turn than it vegvesenets experts, put forward in court.

In addition to the first ulykkesrapporten, prepares the State’s vegvesens ulykkesanalysegruppe (UAG) also a report from the accident in Drivdalen. The dimensions of the bend in this report complies with åstedsundersøkelsene to Andersen, and differs from the public roads administration argued in court.

There was just one problem. The UAG report was exempt from public disclosure, and was not put forward as evidence in the trial.

– We see that the two reports from the same agency have different content when it comes to how sharp the bend as unresolved skrensen was. The report was held back for court, ” says Andersen.

Mean number of reports was withheld

In addition, the Accident investigation board considered a similar accident at Hjellebøl in the county of Akershus in 2012, where the conclusion was wrong on the brakes.

Both Arvid Aakre and Helge Andersen believes that the reports would have been useful to elucidate the Elverums case in the court of appeal.

” We found that it was withheld reports that had a significant impact. I’m sitting with an impression that the Thomas Elverum has not been a case properly proven, and that he can be innocently convicted, ” says Andersen.

the Norwegian public roads administration writes to NRK that the court has made an independent assessment of the information that came forward in the vitneførselen and in the current reports that were put forward.

Furthermore, they write that the case is processed in the legal system, and that they do not have any further comments to this.

the People who sat in the car that collided with Elverum and the deceased’s dependents are informed that NRK publish this case.

WANT RESUME: Thomas Elverum want that the court to re-review his case.

Photo: Klara Skovro Thoresen / NRK

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